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1GAM:"Building your own Game Engine" by Joshua Daly & "Fung's Tale" by Nightbeca

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1GAM:"Building your own Game Engine" by Joshua Daly & "Fung's Tale" by Nightbeca


This 1GAM meetup will feature two community members.

  • Joshua Daly will be giving a featured presentation titled: "Building your own Game Engine".

Josh, a long-time community member and co-organiser of 1GAM, will be sharing what he has learned in the years of developing the "RPG Wizard" game engine. RPG Wizard is a free, open source 2D RPG game engine for making games similar in style to retro JRPGs like early Final Fantasy series games, Secret of Mana, and Zelda: Link to the Past. They have a small but active community. Expect some gems of wisdom here! A short Q&A session will follow the presentation.

  • Nightbeca will be playtesting her untitled prototype card game.

Nightbeca is an artist who recently moved to Galway and quickly discovered our gamedev community by participating in Galway Game Jam 15. What better way to welcome a new member of the community than to play their game!

Playtesting session will start after the presentation. It's casual and your are welcome to bring your own projects for playtesting. Please be respectful and understand that this may be the first time a person has playtested their game. We encourage constructive criticism. Respect the game maker. Ask before sharing your critique and suggestions. Thank you!

Open to game making enthusiasts of all levels. :)

Not up for the One Game a Month Challenge? No problem! We welcome anyone who is interested in creating, consuming, or studying games! We view the 1GAM challenge as a useful motivation to plug away at your projects. More here:

Please remember to bring your own devices, laptops and any materials you need to show off your work! :)

The PorterShed is located behind the Meyrick Hotel on Eyre Square, see their page for directions.

Please feel free to tag the page or #1GAMGalway in your photos of the event. Thanks!

Eqre Square Galway (beside Meyrick + Bus Station) · Galway
24 spots left