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We always say 1xDay.. we are going to do lots of things in our life.. What would happen if that day would be actually, - Today!? Were you thinking of a new course to start today, or to have a taster? Were you thinking to get away for 1xDay from your town, to see something different in the surrounding towns and villages or somewhere even further? Were you thinking to start a new sport today, or just have a walk in the hills nearby? ... and most of all, to meet new people? :) This is the main reason I created this group, because I don`t want wait for that 1xDay.. :) Time to time I`ll try to create 1xDay getaways, or maybe just few hour ones, which can be new for all of you who will join, and hopefully our time together will be a good reason to smile later on, when we have to get back to our lives. Hope 1xDay, you will have feeling that -1xDay, was here, was useful, and changed your life a bit, in some ways. :)

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Meditative Mandala Drawing Class

Friends Meeting House

Autumn Wandering in Clent Hills

Needs a location

Cidermaking Festival

Needs a location

Horse Riding near Birmingham

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