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20 People Networking

20 People Networking is NYC’s fully structured networking event. We’re 5 business people who want exactly what you want: a room full of awesome people focused on developing strong business relationships. We gather qualified people who are passionate about their families, friends, hobbies and personal interests, as well as their careers, because we recognize that strong business relationships require more than just the right job titles. We then take chance out of the equation and make sure that you connect with everyone in the room, so you can identify the best relationships to invest in after the meeting. This is what makes 20 People Networking such a valuable experience.

How it works:

20 People Networking starts with 20 empty seats and invites NYC professionals to fill them. Our team then reviews the list of interested professionals and hand selects a diverse group of people and professions that will make for an amazing event. The meeting is also highly structured and well managed. We have a “Guide” for every 4 people that RSVP, and the Guides keep everything organized. This way you meet everyone, efficiently.

Pre-meeting prep:

There are two things you'll need to do to be ready for 20 People Networking. Just be ready to express your business and personal focus in 20 seconds.

Business focus: 20 seconds

• Your Name Business name

• Service you offer

• The niche you serve

• Why you chose your niche

Personal Passion: 20 Seconds

This is an opportunity to be crystal clear about your goals and share with your new contacts. It can be anything: knitting, photography, hiking, painting or woodworking. We want to know why you love it, why you keep doing it and what it brings to your life.

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Alice Chin, Javier Montes & Michael Oberther

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