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I've hosted a lot of events - Meetup and otherwise - over time. And, a common theme seems to emerge. Lot's of guys have asked me for dating advise at many of these events. So, I think it is time to have an actual seminar for guys who would like to DRAMATICALLY improve their dating skills.

I should let you know the speakers are not doing this event to get rich. The speakers have a genuine desire to help other people and see other people's goals realized. It is that simple.

So, if you are struggling with finding quality dates, this is a seminar not to be missed. There will be two speakers – who both have differing and unique approaches to dating – who have been on literally HUNDREDS of successful first dates between the two of them. The speakers would like to share with you what they have found to be keys to success in the dating world.

Contrary to popular opinion, dating (well, social interaction in general) is a LEARNED SKILL, just like throwing a football or playing a musical instrument. The speakers have spent several years working on those skills and finding out what really works in real life dating. If you have a desire to increase your ability in these skills and want to begin to excel in social interaction, then this 5 hour seminar will jump start that learning curve by 2 or 3 years.
This seminar will cover the beginning of the dating process up to and through the completion of a successful first date.
Here is an overview of some things that will be covered in the seminar:

• Why most guys struggle at dating. That's right - most guys struggle. You aren't alone.
• Two things you can do – before you even start to meet women – that will EXPONENTIALLY increase your chance at dating success.
• The best places to meet women who you might be interested in dating.
• One powerful change in your mindset that will make it easy to approach any woman. Seriously.
• How to handle women who seem to be ‘flaky’.
• One thing a guy has to do through the ENTIRE dating process in order to have the best success at dating.
• What to do (and what NOT to do) on a first date.

Cost for the seminar is $70, and includes one entrée off the restaurant's lunch menu and one item off the drink menu. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you don't think you got $70 of value by the time the seminar is complete, just let me know and you'll be refunded your money.

Instead of RSVPing through the Meetup system, if you are interested in attending, send me an email and I will keep a private RSVP list off line.

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