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Moms with young babies who were born in 2016. We want to get these Mommies together- indoor and outdoor and have fun.
Also want to share and exchange experience and ideas about babies, birth, postpartum and more.

Upcoming events (5+)

Park Play date

Cataldi Park

Come when you can leave when you want.

Babywearing International meeting (San Jose, evening)

Valley Health Center Downtown

Multiple meetings around the Bay Area, only posting the 3 most relevant/local. No peanut containing foods requested. Get checked for fit and safety with babywearing items you have and aren't sure about. Try new ones in a meeting/learn about new types. Become a member and for $30/year you can borrow a carrier at a time for a month-- borrow a carrier for a trip or just to see if your kid likes it and you reach for it before committing. Go here for more info! http://bwibayarea.wixsite.com/bwiba

Monroe Park

2380 Monroe St

I have never been to think park but have driven past and want to try. Come join us.

2016 Babies Members-- Please Read!!

Needs a location

Hello everyone! This group has grown to 698 members! That's bananas! Now that I've got your attention though... this meetup has helped a lot of us with babies born anytime in 2016 find mom friends and friends for our kids beyond the random bumping into people at the park. We love it. However, Meetup charges our originator fees every 6 months for our group, and it is related to group size. We ALSO have a Facebook group, and that has only 254 members (and we think more of your might like to join if you knew, because we talk about more than getting together.) In short, we'd like everyone who really should be part of the Facebook group to join us there. We'd also like to adjust the size of the group on Meetup to reflect those that are pretty local to the South Bay. We are not kicking anyone out-- I repeat, NOT kicking anyone out. If you've never come to a 2016 Babies Meetup, we'd love for you to attend one others have RSVP'd to and come check us out! But if you have moved away or for other reasons aren't present anymore (just going back to work is not what we mean), we'd like you to join/stay in the FB group but self-select to remove yourself from this group between now and Feb 1 when our renewal will come about (this event is going to repeat to remind us). We promise to make events in our Facebook group for big get-togethers (like the Easter Egg hunt) and organizers are welcome to post any event in both places. Don't forget to join the Facebook group if you aren't there, I think this link works: https://www.facebook.com/groups/219901751700053/ (It's also called 2016 Babies, and the cover photo goes waaaaaay back). I am just one of several organizers posting on behalf of the group, I welcome (and I think the rest would agree) any feedback or questions! We can use the event "discussion/comments" since this is not a real get-together. FINAL DETAIL! I'd love to know how many people this message has even reached, since we know we are bomboarded with email no one has time to check and Gmail, etc. is often choosing a very small portion to show us. If you see this message for the Dec 1, Jan 1, or Feb 1 event listing, you only need to respond to one, but RSVP "going" lets us know we reached you. Thanks, all!! -Pamela

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