What we're about

This group is for all open people between 20 - 39 years who want to enjoy life and maintain a fun, healthy and social lifestyle.

We are non-commercial and our members will never be asked to pay any fees in our events (unless we need to cover for charges by the venues). The purpose of this group is solely to create a great community where people have a feeling of belonging.

We embrace everyone and diversity is key: Active people who know every corner of a city, people who just recently moved into a new place and want to find new friends, social butterflies who want to bring people together, or those who are generally shy and just didn't take advantage of meetups yet. 20’s & 30’s LIFESTYLE is your home.

The events will cover a broad range of activities, as long as it provides the opportunity to get to know people and create some good, memorable times. To mention a few: Going for some nice drinks in pubs, exploring different and new restaurants, or doing something outdoor (e.g. biking, hang out in the park, etc.).

Let's make this group a big one and max out our lifestyle!

Upcoming events (2)

Dessert and Talk @Cacao 70 Distillery District

CACAO 70 Eatery

Hey everyone! To keep our promise to come up with a great bandwidth of events in our group, we host the first MeetUp for all the sweet dessert tongues and book/movie lovers out there. We will meet up at no other place than Cacao 70, also referred to as the “State of Chocolate” located in the great surroundings of the Distillery District. Cacao 70 is popular for a very unique brunch, lunch & sweets concept and one of the best dessert choices in town! This MeetUp will be unique in several ways: - We will have a sweet brunch together. Cacao 70 offers everything from crepes, waffles, ice cream, various chocolate creations and much more - The key concept of this event is that all attendees will have the chance to present their favorite book or movie to the others and share what the story is about and why you like it or what you learned from it :) - We want to create diversity and will therefore follow an equal gender ratio concept. Here is how we do it: Everybody will be waitlisted first. For each girl, one guy will be accepted in the RSVP based on their frequency of attending our events. Please bear in mind to only RSVP if you are sure to make it. We have limited seats and it would be fair to those waiting to get a seat. To see more pictures of what Cacao 70 offers, click here (but make sure you don’t do it when you are hungry^^) https://www.instagram.com/cacao70/ or https://cacao70.com/en VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: Cacao 70 does not allow for separate bills for bigger groups, so please bring small bills of cash with you! Their policy also applies a 18% tip on the bill for the whole group. We are very excited about this event and look forward to getting to know you and hearing about your favorite book or movie!

🍻TORONTO OKTOBERFEST🍻 Party - Sold out, resell tickets might be available

ALWAYS WANTED TO EXPERIENCE A TRADITIONAL OKTOBERFEST? Toronto's Oktoberfest is the closest you're going to get without hopping on a plane to Germany! Join thousands dressed in lederhosen and dirndls under a massive Bavarian-style Festhalle tent as we celebrate with food, beer, music, and a fun fair modelled after the original Munich event. We are going there to the highlight event “EIN PROSIT PARTY” starting at 6.30pm on Saturday, 28th September. HERE IS HOW TO JOIN US FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE: ***1) RSVP and book your general admission tickets here (important: select the “Ein Prosit Party”): https://www.torontooktoberfest.ca/tickets - We are posting this event so early as only limited tickets are left for sale, make sure to secure your ticket as soon as possible before it gets sold out! ;) It is also likely that prices will increase again shortly due to the high demand this year; currently it is priced at 32$. Let us know in the comments if you have successfully booked your ticket and we welcome you on board! :). ***2) We will gather in front of the festival area at 5pm, explore the festival area for a bit and enter the tent together as a group. After finding a nice spot for all of us, we will be able to enjoy some of the freshest German beers in the large traditional glass steins, get to know other members from the group a little bit more, and have a great party with thousands of other guests who celebrate with us :) ***3) To make it easier for us to communicate and find the group, we will create an exclusive WhatsApp group on the event day. Invitation link will be posted here later. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT: ***You will be in an awesome atmosphere and location: This three day festival takes place in a massive Festhalle tent and outdoor Bavarian Village. Young and old, modern and traditional – it all blends harmoniously in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at Toronto’s Oktoberfest! ***You will taste the freshest beers and have an authentic experience: You will find exclusive ERDINGER’s Oktoberfest Brew which is specially brewed for the fall season and bavarian communal tables and benches direct from Germany. Free German glass beer steins to the first 500 attendees per session! ***You will be surrounded by a great group of people: The 20’s & 30’s Lifestyle group consists of many open, friendly, and fun people. You will end this event with many new friends and connections and we make sure you won’t be left out. Coming alone or for the first time is perfect, as many of us are on the same boat and we don’t bite! :) For a sneak peak, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSGWpm44Nh8 More information and pictures can be found here: https://www.torontooktoberfest.ca/ https://www.facebook.com/TorontoOktoberfest/ Don’t miss your chance for this unique experience! Hope to see you there :)

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