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Full disclosure this group costs around $250 a year to maintain with advertising and other miscellaneous costs. I don't want to charge people for events but If you would like to donate to the group the suggested donation amount is $5 per person per year.

Paypal is @JeremyTheis, venmo is @Jeremy-Theis-1 and if you donate you can get a custom nickname below your name like "meetup veteran" or whatever

else you want lemme know.

People from all over the world and all walks of life end up in the Twin Cities area. Whether its to fulfill your career, school, relationship, or family we all have one thing in common and that's to have fun! The nightlife groups have always been the most sociable, welcoming, and the most fun groups. We go dancing, bar hopping, concert attending, and so much more.

*we occasionally host Improv classes on Wednesday nights

Upcoming events (3)

Go make new friends at insight brewing with fun card games

Insight Brewing & Taproom

Whether your new to meetup or have been coming a while this is a great opportunity to meet some new people. If your new to these sorts of events here’s the general format. Show up throw on a name tag so we know your in the group introduce yourself and then play some games.
I asked around to a couple different locations and Insight brewing is super excited to host our group. Its located in the heart of downtown with a pretty wide taproom selection.

some games ill have to play are:

what do you même?

that's what she said

slide into the dms

and cards against humanity (smaller deck)

if you have a simple game to share please bring them.

Links to other Invited groups:
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Saturnalia Ball @ Milana's "Parthenon"

Mill District

I'm bringing Pagan sexy back! Party like the Greco-Roman gods and goddesses. This is a lavishly decadent ancient Greco-Roman themed ball where my apartment will travel back in time to capture the grandeur and beauty of the Roman Empire at its pinnacle. I'm not exactly a "traditional" person any other day of the year, but for once let's enjoy the Saturnalia traditions of gambling, singing (karaoke), playing music, feasting, socializing and giving each other gifts. We will also have some Greco-Roman myth, culture, and epic literature trivia games so it pays to study up! Sorry, no Roman orgy this time around due to the pandemic... maybe next time ;P

Greco-Roman period and mythology costumes are encouraged and will *make* this party! Heaven is... Hellenistic.

New event organizers wanted (apply to be part of the leadership team)

Hi all,

Do you have an interest in finding the coolest and making new friends in the process? Apply to be part of the leadership team.

When I first I started meetup I picked up this group as the original organizer had abandoned the group.

So a lot of members are inactive.

I'm already involved in a ton of meetup projects and just don't have enough time to regularly post nightlife content .

In an ideal world I'd like the people who help manage this to be:

someone who has attended some (at least 3) of my meetups before.

Around the age of 25

Have a friendly demeanor and positive attitude

Is reliable to where if they say their showing up somewhere they will.

We also have a meetup discord server linked below for communication that consolidates a lot of the groups I post in and other organizers post in.

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