Capture The Flag

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There are different variations of this game but essentially there are 2 flags (red and blue) and 2 teams. The objective is to steal the opponents flag and bring it back to your side (center line dividing each side) without being captured (tagged by your opponent). If you pick up the flag and make an unsuccessfully attempt, it goes back to the original holding place. If you are captured, you go to the opponents jail.

There are two ways to get out of jail. First, your team can capture the opponents flag which would start a new game. Second, one of your teammates can tag everyone out of jail (free ride back). I think it is better to play this way so people aren't stuck in jail for the whole game. Also, you are not allowed to make an attempt at the opponents flag from jail.

Map of Brookhaven Park:

Where will we meet?

GPS Coordinates:[masked], [masked]

I will be carrying around 2 big orange cones and some flags. It will be easy to spot me.


What to bring?


Additional count: +30