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For the first time in video game history, we can finally play a video game console in a portable way. Nintendo Switch has been bringing back local gaming parties in a big way. Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Party, JackBox Party Pack Games, Brawlhalla, Mario Tennis, Splatoon 2 and more!!!

But what about if you don't have anyone to play with??! That's what this meetup is for. 20's and 30's Nintendo Switchers will organize monthly Switch gaming events to help you meet other local Switch gamers in the Dallas area and hopefully make some new gaming friends!!

The Goal: To create a long-lasting local Nintendo Switch gamer community that hosts regular weekly events for Switch gamers to join whenever they want to game, socialize, and/or unwind with others.

Who Can Join:

ANYONE may join this group! You do NOT need to own a Nintendo Switch to join!

The only thing you really need to play at events is your own Nintendo Switch controller(s). Now, if you don't own any Nintendo Switch controller(s), you may be in luck because many of our group members own extra controllers and are more than willingly to share! Just make sure to ask the group events' participants before the event in the comment section to see if they will have extra controllers for you to use! (Otherwise, we can't guarantee, that you will have a controller to play with at the event.)


Service: At least 4 meetups per month will be organized. Ideally, 5-8 depending on reservation availability. Event location, day, and time will be shown once a member.

Note: Meetup events must have at least 4 people RSVP'd by the RSVP deadline for the meetup to commence, else it will be canceled. The RSVP deadline will be at least one day ahead of time to ensure more committed attendance.

Cost: Once you become a member of the Meetup, a 14 day free trial period will begin. After the free trial period ends, a $10 dollar membership fee will start to incur monthly.

Note: An automatic removal system will remove you from the group if you have not paid the monthly membership fee by the scheduled deadline. If this happens, you are always welcome to join back at any time and pay during a different time period.

Perhaps, you know you won't be attending events during that specific time period, but want to join at another later time period instead. Just join back at a later time period and pay the monthly fee.

Refunds: All members will be refunded their money during a specific month if there aren't at least 2 meetups that have commenced during that month.

Why Pay?

1) Making new gamer friends is difficult. Making new local gamer friends is even more difficult. Organizing consistent gaming sessions with other gamers and friends can be very challenging. At 20's and 30's Nintendo Switchers, I do the organizing, networking, and management for you. (More details on the Message Board). Your job is to have a good time and hopefully make some new friendships within our community!

2) Many meetup groups are poorly organized or lack regular events. 20's and 30's Nintendo Switchers sets out to provide a new standard of what a meetup group can be.

3) Membership dues will also increase more active participation in our community as well as create a smaller, but regular gaming community.

Attending An Event:

If you want to attend an event, make sure you sign up to the event on Meetup. On the same token, if you realize you can't make it, please cancel your RSVP asap.

This is all very important as it helps me plan ahead regarding event locations, spacing requirements, and equipment needed. This also helps ensure we have the maximum group number filled for a quality gaming party. (Only 8 people max are allowed to join each event.) Lastly, it helps our Meetup group's reputation when I sign up for a location reservation.

No Shows: You are allowed to have one no show; but after the second, you will be removed from the group. If you signed up, but you need to cancel last minute and can't un-RSVP for some reason, please send me a private message giving me a heads up. You won't be penalized as long as its not a reoccurring theme.

Guests: You are allowed to have 1 guest per Meetup event. Make sure to add them as your 'plus one' when RSVPing to the event. When bringing a guest to the meetup, please announce to the meetup group that they are your guest and their relation to you. You will be fully responsible for your guest following the rules.

Guests can consist of family, friends, or disability guardians. All other rules will still apply to guests including them needing to be in the 20's and 30's age range. If you have a disability guardian that is out of the age range, please message me privately so we can work something out.

Guests are allowed to come to 2 events without joining the meetup or paying a membership fee. Afterwards, they must sign up for a membership. They will still get a 14 day trial when joining the meetup.

What to expect:

A cozy place with a chill, laidback atmosphere to game with other like-minded gamers. Java Gaming Cafe has nice big flat screen TVs, gaming chairs, and snacks/drinks you can buy.

Sportsmanship expected:

Please treat each other with respect. Let's keep the atmosphere friendly and fun.

If someone is causing problems in the group or with other members, I will privately send them a heads up in case they aren't aware. If it keeps happening though and no change is seen, the person will be removed from the group.

These rules have been set in place to ensure a close knit, safe, and reliable community.

Event Hosts:

If you live in a town far away from, not adjacent to, and/or at least 15 miles from Java Gaming Cafe and would like to be an Event Host, please message me privately.

Event Host Privileges and Responsibilities: If you are an event host for 20's and 30's Nintendo Switchers, you may pick out a place to host a gaming event. The location must be in a town following the rules written above. You may set up whatever kind of style event you'd like, but the 'details section' must be formatted like the events I have already set up as well as the max number of people, guests, RSVP deadline, etc. I will do a final review of the event to make sure it follows the rules of the community, formatting structure, and has a level of organization and standard, I approve of. (I can help you edit it and we can work together to get it to that state.) After I approve, you will be fully responsible for hosting the events, making sure everything runs smoothly, and making sure members are enjoying the events.

Event Host Perks: 1) For every month, that you run 2 successful meetup events, your member dues will be waived. 2) You will get to pick event location 3) You will get to customize event styles. 4) You won't have to bother with any other managerial responsibilities of the meetup, except events you host. 5) You won't have to drive as far to get to the Java Gaming Cafe location. 6) You can meet new people and make new friendships within your own local community. 7) More perks may be added as 20's and 30's Nintendo Switchers becomes more established.

What is defined as "successful"? A successful meetup event is one that commences on that date, is hosted physically by you, and members do not have any major complaints about the event.

Goals you should strive for when hosting events: 1) Creating Community 2) Creating Positive/Friendly Atmosphere 3) Happy and Satisfied Members

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Party!

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Party!

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Co op Gaming Party!

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