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Bring a Wingman Party (Free Date Swap)

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Facebook event page with 150+ RSVPs is here. (

Here's a free and different way to meet single people in Seattle! Instead of flying solo and facing the crowds alone, this date swap has everyone bring a single friend of the opposite sex to vouch for them. Navigating on your own can be tough, so grab some support and make a connection! Our last wingman party had about 300 attendees!

Only two rules for this event: (1) You must be single, and (2) You must bring one single friend of the opposite sex. If you show up with more or less than one friend, you will be charged - $5 each for ladies and $10 for men.

You and your wingman will be checked at the door before your mission begins. You can speed up the line by registering ahead of time (

Avoid the charge and keep our ratio even by bringing a wingman. We suggest inviting your single friends to the event, and then pair up with one who RSVPs.

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