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Blowfly & Ronald McFondle's Halloween Bash!

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Blowfly ( - Clarence Henry Reid (born February 14, 1939, is an American musician and songwriter, also known by the stage name and alternate persona Blowfly. Reid wrote for many R&B acts in the 1960s and 1970s. As Blowfly, he has recorded numerous albums, mostly of sex-based parodies of other songs, but also including original sexually explicit songs. His stage name originated from his grandmother, who overheard him as a child singing "Do the Twist" as "Suck My Dick", and said "You is nastier than a blowfly."

Ronald McFondle ( - What was once conceived as a character that he thought should be the ultimate despicable heel, accidentally morphed into one of SST's most popular anti-heroes. Ronald McFondle: Corporate executive alcoholic/addict perverted clown who should not be trusted with your children.

For almost 7 years, this high demand cabaret fixture has dropped jaws, pushed the limits of good taste, and has invoked waves of bubbly laughter from all his audiences. Though he is a grandmaster in clown magic, he uses it as the seasoning in his storylines that are equal parts social commentary, political parody, and adult absurdism at it's finest.

He has performed with the icons of the macabre. From sharing the stage with Jim Rose, to wrestling Jake the Snake Roberts up and down the west coast, even hosting The Bad Things at the prestigious ACT Theatre. His former residential show credits also include: The sketch comedy "Get Loweded", The drag-theater "The Anita Goodman show", as well as numerous burlesque acts across the Northwest.

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