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sand volleyball and tennis meetup

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Come out and play sand volleyball and tennis with me. Let's be more sporty, play fun games and meet more friends this summer. All levels are welcomed.

There are TWO sand courts, right next to each other, so up to 20 players can easily play and the lights will run until 11pm. Plus lots of nice tennis courts if you like to play. Bathrooms are nearby and the Olney indoor pool is just about 280 feet away if you feel the need for a plunge into cool water to chill down.

Things to bring with you: cold water, a towel to dry off from playing and a clean, dry shirt to change after play, wrist wrap(optional), knee pad(optional), tennis racquet if you want to play tennis also.

Directions: just east of Georgia Avenue and north of Batchellor Forest Drive, turn right into Olney Manor Park off of Georgia Avenue heading north, then turn right again, past the handball and tennis courts. Sand courts will be on your right, up a small rise.

Optional dinner place:

Lighthouse Tofu & BBQ
12710 Twinbrook Parkway
Rockville, MD 20847
(301) 881-1178

Don’t forget if you want a ride or are willing to offer a ride – be a friend to the environment, save money, and make friends by just posting a message!!

- Have a ride: Please post where you are coming from, what time, and how many spots you have.

- Need a ride: Post that you need a ride and contact any offers via e-mail for those that are offering rides.


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