Past Meetup

Photo Scavenger Hunt at National Mall


What could be better than meeting new friends and getting to know them by having fun together?

Join us at the photo scavenger hunt, it will be a blast!
We will meet at the sculpture garden at 2:30pm to mix up into teams, distribute hunt materials, and review rules and guidelines. At 3:00pm sharp, each team will be provided with a camera, and a list of scenes to hunt for. Each team needs to find as many things on the list and record your team’s actions with all the group members in the photos.

Meet me two hours later and we will go through your photos together and determine the winning group. Points are awarded for successful photo items, and bonus points for extra creativity or effort.

Following the hunt, we will come to a nearby restaurant for food and a recap of the afternoon!

Believe me, no matter how shy you are when it comes to taking photos, you will be much more confident do it with a group of easygoing friends for a fun game! The whole point is to having good times and creating some funny memories together!


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