What we're about

Curious minds seeking open and exploratory dialogue towards discovering better ways of managing creative, professional services knowledge work. Challenging assumptions towards a double-loop learning environment. Co-creating a bright future for the next generation of leaders. (credit to our friends at KanbanTO group).

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• Together we'll explore ways to make "work" and "working" more satisfactory at professional service businesses and creative knowledge work organisations.

• We will explore ways to make "management" better at these 21st century businesses. As a result, We hope to reduce misery and pain at work places through Actionable, Evidence-based, Pragmatic, Safe To Try guidances.

• We'll avoid wishful thinking and dogmatic views on methods, processes, frameworks.

• We'll explore concepts from Physics; Mathematics; Evolutionary Biology; Psychology ; Sociology and Group Behavior; Neuroscience; System Dynamics and Complexity Theories; Information Theory; Telecommunication, Networking Engineering and Queueing Theory; Civilizations and Lessons from human failures; and many more.

• We'll use the learning from all these fields and try to understand their implication on today's management of work. For example, we will explore how thermodynamics laws can help us cause change or manage work better.

It may look like a 1st world problem, but it's about billions of people who live at developed, developing and under-developed countries at professional service businesses. So, let's do something serious about it!

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