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21st Century Philosophy Meetup Overview

WHO ARE WE? We are a group of writers, readers, educators, and artists focused upon 21st century philosophy. Our organizing committee includes Seattle-area figures from The New Centre for Research & Practice, Aleatory Books, and Red May, amongst others.

WHAT DISTINGUISHES 21ST CENTURY PHILOSOPHY SEATTLE FROM OTHER SEATTLE-AREA PHILOSOPHY MEETUPS? We circumvent hard-and-fast Cold War / 20th century distinctions between Continental and Analytic Philosophy, seeking to bridge the best of both with the best of contemporary nonwestern philosophy and thought. We procure, produce, and propagate planetary-level, 21st century-oriented philosophy that is both responsive to the time in which we live and constructive of the future into which we are emerging. We study specific texts / books or videos / films and apply them to specific questions. We reference specific thinkers or movements in our discussions, so that we can all understand at least some aspect of where others are coming from.

HOW DO 21ST CENTURY PHILOSOPHY SEATTLE MEETINGS WORK? At each meeting, a 21st century philosophy-related text, video, book, or film chosen at the end of the previous group meeting is discussed in relation to contemporary and emerging cultural and political problems. The latter are voted upon at the beginning of each meeting, in terms of order of discussion.

WHEN AND WHERE DO YOU MEET? We meet 7-9 PM the fourth Friday of each month at either Stumptown Coffee, Quinn's Pub, Caffe Vita, Oddfellows, or Pettirosso, in the Pike / Pine / Broadway area of Capitol Hill. While we might choose a different venue, the specific location for each respective meeting will be listed on the Meetup page and will be situated within this same area.

WHERE CAN I FIND THE READINGS / VIEWINGS FOR EACH MEETING AND WHEN SHOULD I ENGAGE THEM? They will be posted in the relevant event section on our Meetup page. Generally, texts / books or videos / films are to be watched prior to arriving at the meeting, though sometimes we will read or watch them in-person, if they are short enough. Either way, we will list instructions on the Meetup event.

WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF 21ST CENTURY PHILOSOPHY? We are interested in contemporary philosophical threads and subthreads like Accelerationism, Altwoke, Object-Oriented Ontology, New Materialism, Postcapitalism, Speculative Realism, and Xenofeminism, amongst others. We engage thinkers like ANON, Alain Badiou, Jane Bennett, Ray Brassier, Laboria Cuboniks, Gilles Deleuze, Graham Harman, Katerina Kolozova, Bruno Latour, Catherine Malabou, Achille Mbembe, Reza Negerastani, Jasbir Puar, Steven Shaviro, and Nick Srnicek, amongst others.

WHO IS THIS FOR AND WHAT IS THE PREFERRED FORM OF PARTICIPATION? 21st Century Philosophy Seattle is for anyone who has read this FAQ, agrees with its basic parameters, and who is willing to engage respectfully with others. We begin from collectively-read / viewed texts or audiovisual materials and aim for a diversity of informed opinions.


This Meetup is organized by Jaden Adams, the Co-Founder of The New Centre for Research & Practice, an online, interactive educational institution dedicated to the study of 21st century philosophy, aesthetics, politics, culture, and technology. Please take a look and consider becoming a member of The New Centre (150 USD/yr or 15 USD/mo), or a certificate student (3400 USD):


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