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What we’re about

Welcome to 222 Wisdom Events™!

Are you thirsty for new opportunities to create your vision of an abundant life? Do you seek ways to develop and implement your sacred wisdom? Are you ready to receive beautiful transformation?

Live in your Divine life purpose, while fulfilling your Soul’s mission with balance and harmony. Create and manifest new relationships, opportunities, joy, and blessings while living in your personal truths.

We offer classes, workshops, seminars, gatherings, circles, and retreats for those with a spiritual growth mindset. Topics include intuitive development, meditation, natural healing, Angels, vibrational energy, mind-body-spirit connection, crystals, metaphysics, and more!

Explore multi-faceted avenues of wisdom and confidently increase your knowledge. Bless yourself and others on a local, global, or universal scale. Come join our inspired community of truth seekers, heart connectors, and difference makers.

Your host is Elizabeth Gifford Maffei, internationally known intuitive, coach, author, and speaker. She is a Reiki master, attuned to Atlantis and Lemurian Light, and channels Spirit and a Galactic Council. She serves heart-centered entrepreneurs and all those seeking clarity and wisdom for their life path. Her community creates a movement to empower each individual so that they may attain their highest and best experiences in life.
Instagram: EGiffordMaffei