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May 18 is our monthly open house and potluck!

Come paruse our humble lair, visit the local trolls, and open up your frontal lobes for some techno-gravage. Roughly once per lunar cycle, pheromone levels shift, the stars align, and the cicadas go into hibernation just long enough to avoid the fallout from chicken feather carbon fiber, random drunkenness, and a fire pit unleashed to the pavement by the infamous, feral Queeg. See what the resident geeks have schemed up, play stump-the-chump with your newest technological acquisitions, and show off your latest bright-and-shineys to the bewildered eyes cavemen, having been shown fire for the very first time.

There's been working examples of ACTUAL, REAL SCIENCE at the most recent potlucks, watching radioactive particle decays in our cloud chamber, and whimsical Whimshurst machines creating multi-kilovolt potentials. Hopefully we can our own home-built particle accelerator (AKA Crookes Tube) ready in time for this next one, we'll see.

Bring in your most recent project, working or non-working, it matters not. We may even be able to resurrect your beloved Game Boy, Furby, or Casio Keyboard (Or, alternatively, smash it to thousands of tiny bits out of frustration with a nearby Ceremonial Killamajig), Give to / Receive from the infamous Purg.bin, where everyone's castaway tools and toys temporarily tenement the shop before being cast out into the much more voracious Dumpster.bin (where even better scores may be found, caveat emptor!)

Show off your latest culinary delights amongst friends and strangers. Herbivores and Carnivores will surely have their appetite satiated, especially if you remember to BRING MAIN DISHES (we're usually dessert-heavy). Can't find time to cook? There's a Pizza Hut 'round the corner, and a liquor store next door, if you prefer your calories in the form of ethanol.

See ya there.