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Hello and welcome! Curious to learn more about yourself and meet others who are likeminded? This group is for people who type as "Intuitive" with the Myers-Briggs Personality theory (MBTI). This includes the following types: ENFP, ENTP, INFJ, INTJ, ENFJ, ENTJ, INFP, and INTP. (If the second letter in your 4-letter type is "N" as opposed to "S," then you are Intuitive). If you haven't ever taken this personality test, you may do so here at 16Personalities. (Keep in mind that questions in the test are theoretical and based on behaviour, whereas your "true type" is based on cognitive activity so results may not be accurate at first. Feel free to explore the type descriptions on this site to see which one fits you best.) Once you know your type, I recommend checking out type videos from this collection.

According to MBTI (which is based on psychologist Carl Jung's theories), there are TWO ways that humans can perceive information: using Sensing or Intuition. Sensing generally uses the 5 senses to experience and store new information., whereas Intuition perceives possibilities, patterns and trends more readily than concrete details. Approximately 70% of the world is Sensors and only 30% is Intuitive. This means that our particular way of thinking, communicating and viewing the world as Intuitives is more rare, and that N-types often find themselves surrounded by S-types. This can mean that N's can often feel misunderstood, different, alien, or even under-stimulated by many people/environments they live in.

Intuitives tend to be more figurative (as opposed to literal), more imaginative (as opposed to realistic), more future-focused (as opposed to present), and more abstract (as opposed to concrete). We enjoy talking about concepts, exploring ideas, and having intellectual conversations. Sensors enjoy discussing the Who, What, Where, When; whereas Intuitives often enjoy the How, and most importantly, the Why. If you are interested in taking a deeper dive into how this typology theory works based on Jung's original work, start here.

My name is Ellis and I'm an INTJ (shh i know) type myself. I formed this group for us get together and meet like-minded people in an environment where there is no expectation of passable small talk. I see there's nothing similar in the area other than one dormant group "253 introverts", so consider this a survey of demand. I would be happy to organize things if there is demand.

(information mostly from Toronto intuitives page and was written by an ENFP named Joseph not myself)

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