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Welcome to the great friendship-making experiment! We're past that age when we could pretend that our shared love of alcohol equates to a meaningful friendship. We're looking for the real stuff now. Because frankly, our @sses are old and there are only so many drunken nights of partying that our bones can take now. We'll do stuff together that we'd do if we had the kind of friends to do them with. Like outdoor fitness classes, a walk around the park, co-working at a coffee shop, dinner and drinks, a movie, and whatever else is fun, engaging, and leads to great conversations and getting to know each other better. Here's to making friends when you're older. They said it couldn't be done and yet here we are making it happen. My name's Christina, and I'm looking forward to meeting you!


This group is right for you if:

1️⃣ You believe: Black Lives Matter. Women's Rights are Human Rights. No human is illegal. Science (and Climate Change) is real. Love is love.

🔸 I've hardly ever been into politics but in the climate we're in I think it's important that you know up front what I believe to be true about the world. You can believe whatever you want to believe. But in this container - this group, the events I host, and anything else related - your opinions contrary to the above are simply not welcome. We can disagree about how we go about solving the problems in our country, but if you don't agree to these basic premises then we won't have any productive conversations. This group is about making friends. And to me, these are the beliefs my friends would share with me. You are welcome to move on and find a space that suits you outside of this group if you do not agree.

🔸 I'm hardly perfect but I try. I make a lot of mistakes and I own them. I can't promise I'll do anything that looks remotely like what you're looking for (because I'm still learning). But if you're willing to give me candid and constructive feedback, I'm willing to hear you out on how I can make this space safe and welcoming to the BIPOC in our community.

2️⃣ You want to make new friends, but you're nervous because you've never been all that good at it in the first place.

🔸 Something you should know about me. I was born and raised in Boston but I don't have a "crew" from school. In this city, I'm an anomaly. That's because I had major trust issues growing up and cut out (or was cut out from) friends and friend groups throughout my life. I didn't know how to have friends back then. And after a LOT of healing, I'm ready to give it another try. This time, I think I'll do good. And I'm going to help you do good too.

🔸 I'm a survivor of clinical depression. I've made 3 attempts in my life, was hospitalized twice, and spent over 15 years in therapy. Being a patient in the mental health industry imbued me with a sense of "wrongness." I felt broken for most of my life and incapable of having any kind of relationship. But after I survived my 30th birthday, watching Brene Brown's infamous TED talk, and a mysterious Youtube video that convinced me to stick around for my life forever (however much it would continue to suck the way it had been), I recovered. It wasn't my years in therapy that changed the trajectory of my life. It was a change in mindset about my depression. It's oversimplifying what was a very grueling process of change. I'll be happy to tell you more when we meet in person or virtually.

🔸 As you might imagine, recovering from depression has been a monumental, life-altering fact of my existence on Earth. I uniquely understand what it's like to feel so completely worthless that your self-preservation mode is to keep people away. That's just one reason why I became a life coach. I help people build up their self-worth so they can walk into any room feeling confident as f*ck. And making friends - true, lasting connections - is the next iteration of my life. If you're here, it's yours too. Welcome to the party.

N.B. Why 28+? I drank myself to oblivion in my mid-20's. When I turned 28, things took a really bad turn because I couldn't hide my problems behind my partying antics anymore. My depression took a serious nosedive after I stopped going out and being with people. I remember being in my apartment wishing that there was a group of people who would welcome me with open arms, just as f*cked up as I was. This is that group. Come as you are, as broken as you feel. Send me a message before an event if you're feeling anxious and want some support. I'll do whatever I can to make you feel at ease. We want to meet you, and we can only do that if you come and join us.

3️⃣ You do the work on you. You want to grow and you aim for healthy changes in your life.

🔸 I'll admit that since finding my way in life, I'm not the best at listening to complaints about how life is unfair, cruel, or impossible to navigate. I've been to hell and back again, and being stuck in that place is a literal waste of energy. It's ok if this is you right now, but you want to learn how to make those changes in your life. It's ok if you feel stuck. What's important is that you want to get moving, even if you don't know how. This is exactly the place for you if you've been banging your head on the wall trying to figure it out on your own.

🔸 Events will be geared toward making worthwhile connections. Talking about things that matter to us. The goals we want to hit. The life we want to create. As a result, this won't be your typical social Meetup group. We'll do things together that contribute in a meaningful way to our lives, whether it's for physical or mental health, broadening our perspectives, or deepening our connections to ourselves and each other. That doesn't mean all of our events will be dry or completely sober. It just means that won't be the point to our events.

🔸 We're going to have fun! Doing shit that actually ignites us. Strap yourself in. We're going for a ride.




✅ It's been a tough year as far as social contact is concerned. We're all warming back up to being around people again. So be gentle with yourself and others as we all come out of hiding.

❌ Don't message people privately that you haven't met in person before. It's not an effective way of breaking the ice and can seriously backfire when not done properly. If you want to make it easier on yourself to make true connections, the best thing you can do is show up to an event and be present in your conversations with people when you meet them in real life.

✅ Respect other members' privacy. If they share something personal with you, consider yourself a sacred keeper of secrets unless they tell you otherwise. Ask to connect with them if you wish, and respect their decision if they decline.

❌ If you are feeling sick, stay at home. Don't attend an event until you are fully vaccinated.

❌ Don't post your gripes publicly on this page. If you have an issue with another member or an issue with me, please message me through the Meetup app. We want this to be a positive experience for everyone, especially you. We'll do what we can to resolve any wrongdoing.


✅ Pictures and videos will be taken throughout the course of our events. Your attendance and/or participation in any "28+ and Making New Friends" events constitutes an explicit agreement that you consent to being photographed. By coming to any of our events, you are agreeing that your likeness will be captured through photos or videos or any other means, and will be shared on any and all social media channels as deemed appropriate for the purpose of sharing and advertising the group's events to the world. They will be used to show members and potential members what we've been up to and invite them to come along.

✅ If a photo has been posted that you would like to be taken down or brought offline, you may request this by messaging me through the Meetup app. Please note that it is solely my decision and discretion whether a photo will be taken down. But you may send a message and your request will be considered.


❌ Listen, I respect the hustle. But if you're coming in here, posting and/or meeting people for the sole purpose of spamming them, adding them to your email lists, or setting up coffee dates just to sell them on your products, we've got a problem. If you demonstrate any problematic behavior like this, you'll be given ONE warning. You will be banned after the second offense.

✅ Otherwise, I do want to hear about what you've been building and growing in your "free" time. Share what you're passionate about! Just don't be a d*ck about it. And I give you full permission to call me out on it if my passion for my work gets out of hand. I want you to be comfortable being here.


✅ If memory serves me correctly, the Meetup app was a poor communication platform during events (it's been a year so maybe it's changed.) You can try there.

✅ But I would recommend more that you message me on Instagram if you have it (@theroaduncovered (https://www.instagram.com/theroaduncovered/)). I found it to be a more reliable messaging platform.

✅ You can also try posting in the event listing itself and perhaps someone else in the group will catch it. Especially as an event is beginning and you're trying to locate us, it'll be best to blast as many avenues as you can so you don't miss us. I'll also post updates in the event listing as I get more details on the day of the event.


✅ If you've been enjoying your experience in this group and would like to support me and my efforts to create a safe, inviting environment for those of us 28+, I invite you to buy me a coffee at this site: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/christinakwan . I research extensively to be able to provide the level of detail I do which requires time, and I often purchase supplies to make our experience more enjoyable. I appreciate your help in continuing to host these events. Thank you!


I know it's a lot to read, so if you made it this far, thank you. In full transparency (and in case you missed it), yes. It's true. I'm a life coach hosting a Meetup group. I'm wildly passionate about what I do and you might find I talk about work more than I should. I meet people and I help them. I'm a life coach always. If you or anyone you know needs help building up their self-worth or feeling more confident, I'm your woman. I didn't create this group to make superficial connections in an attempt to build my business. Making friends at this stage in my life is a part of my growth. But you should know that my business is a part of me, and something I expect to talk a lot about and all the time with my friends. If you're down for that, we are off to a good start.

I can't wait to meet you, to get to know everything about you, and have fun while we share this time on Earth together.

To making new friends! 🥂


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