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This group is for any 29+ age careerwomen looking to network and socialize with each other for friendship or casual business networking. We do different ice breaker events, networking and social events at new restaurants, tea houses, wineries, board game nights etc.

The mission of this group is to enable careerwomen with current, active, ongoing careers to network and socialize with each other in order to educate, emotionally support career women in their careers and in their career-focused lifestyles. It is create a outlet for women to discuss different topics that affect careerwomen every day including individual-specific topics like navigating in your career, overcoming challenges at work, e.g., making alliances with key people in the office-- as well as external factors like the global, national, local business/economy, the glass ceiling, when will be the first female president. Whether you are in an ambitious mode or cruising in your job, this is the outlet for you to have a voice about these topics. But do not be fooled - much bantering and jokes are welcome -- we are here to get to know each other. While networking is encouraged, sales /self marketing is prohibited.

If you are trying to reconnect with new female contacts who are ambitious, intelligent and educated like you, please join us and let's talk shop from female point of view!

These conversation topics are encouraged: travel, movies, music as well as the intellectual topics like economics, business, finance, even politics and perhaps technology that is ever changing and affecting business.

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