Walk around the lake: 2.08 miles in about 45 minutes.

Cancelled if raining 1/2 hour beforehand.

Above 90 degrees and humid ... Catherine will not be there!

By 4:50, go ahead and walk to the right at the fork. Those arriving later can walk to the left to meetup...

Parking is available in upper parking lot in front of the Sertoma Arts Center.


Walking or hiking shoes with socks are required to walk around Shelly Lake to able to walk safely and avoid snake bite.

Etiquette: Generally stay to right half of the trial. Spreading across the trail impeds runner and others coming from the other direction.

Safety: When you hear a bike bell or a holler from behind, please MOVE TO THE RIGHT. Sometimes the biker will holler “bike to your left”, so MOVE TO THE RIGHT.

$5 Annual Contribution... on your honor!