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The global societal reset is no joke. Life as we once knew it will NEVER be the same for you or anyone else. If your business is suffering a set back, then now is the time to redefine your business. 30-60-90 is designed to help you not only survive these times, but to evolve toward an acceptance and understanding of the new normal.

Every 30 days we evaluate our progress toward our personal business goals, developing innovative business models, and collecting data to drive our decision making. This societal upheaval is yielding new understanding, insights and especially new business opportunities.

The nature of the our 30-60-90 activities: We are interested in the continuous discovery of new insights into how our customers are adapting to these global societal changes.

With this hard won insight, we create new and innovative business model concepts (design thinking) and test our assumptions. We learn through measuring simplified data driven, key performance indicators (KPIs) if we are truly creating something of value.

Our intention is to quickly validate (or invalidate) our assumptions so we can deploy innovative businesses models, thereby so we can evolving and becoming sustainable once again.

This group now has a small membership fee $50.00 every six months. Membership in the group is a requirement in order to participate in the 30 day evaluations, receive the templated materials and publications used to support the execution of the 30-60-90 plans.

This group is now affiliated with JB2T, a business innovation practice established by the group's organizer, Joel Bennett.

What this group is NOT:

• Networking group

• Social group

• Academic, theoretical or hypothetical discussion group

What this group IS:

• A convening group of ambitious, hard working entrepreneurs.

• We are accountable to each other and the agreements we make.

What we do:

1. Act fast

2. Embrace smart risk

3. Focus on winning

Modify Your Customer Service to Match Customers’ Needs

• Enable Safer, More Secure Customer Transactions with Contactless Payment • What is contactless payment? • Why is contactless payment important for my business? • How do I set up contactless payment for my business?

Give Customers the Best Retail Experience in Your Store and Online

• Why is it important for my website, mobile site, and physical store to work together? • What can I do to improve my website and mobile site to help customers that want to shop in store? • How can I make it easier for potential customers to do business with me?

Keep People Coming Back With Exceptional Customer Service

• How can great customer service help me do better business? • How do I provide great customer service? • What tools can I use to improve my customer service?

Know What Customers Want: Great Customer Service

• Why is customer service important for my business? • What do customers expect of my customer service? • What can I do to provide the best customer service possible?

Journey Mapping: Connect the Customer Dots

• What types of moments are part of the customer journey? • What is journey mapping and how can it help my marketing? • How do I start journey mapping?

From: "Rebuilding toward the great reset" from the Brookings Institute and The Rockefeller Foundation blog post June, 2020. (https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2020/06/19/rebuilding-toward-the-great-reset-crisis-covid-19-and-the-sustainable-development-goals/)

• 2020 will forever be associated with crises. First came the COVID-19 pandemic, a joint public health and economic emergency that spread around the world with unprecedented speed and scope. Then came a compounding social crisis—anchored in the United States but reverberating around the world—focused on issues of systemic racism and police brutality.

• Outdated or unjust norms can succumb to society’s pressing need for better approaches. For example, the need for massive and urgent government intervention has drawn fresh attention to social safety nets and the possibility of dramatic policy enhancements. Tragic consequences of racial discrimination have catapulted awareness of systemic problems and triggered prospects for much-needed social reforms. Rapid environmental improvements linked to economic shutdown have rekindled consciousness of the profound interconnections between ecosystems, economies, and societies.

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