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Are you a woman in your 30s and child-free or childless? Do you find it difficult to relate to your mommy friends? Do you feel like you and your mommy friends are growing apart? Do you miss making carefree, last minute girlfriend plans? Are you looking for a community of women who are in the same boat as you and who you can relate with?

This is your tribe!

This is a group for women in their 30s and who have either chosen not to have kids or who do not yet have kids due to timing (i.e. single, career, etc).


We are a diverse group of fabulous women from different areas of Metro Vancouver with a diverse set of interests and talents and with diverse reasons for not wanting or not having children at this stage of our lives.


The reason I made this group open to both child-free and childless women is because I feel both groups have one main thing in common: lack of community.


• "anti-spawn" or anti-children: in fact, many of us love and work with children or have a fulfilling life surrounded by nieces, nephews, godchildren, etc.

• "anti-breeders" or anti-mommies: we just want a dynamic and carefree social life sans kids and kid-related conversations.

• a support group for childless women: if you are childless due to reproductive challenges, you are welcome to join, but please be aware that the majority of members in this group are child-free by choice .


• The membership due/contribution is completely voluntary to join and to stay in this group. The suggested amount is $1.00/year. This is to help offset the cost of the annual fee paid by the organizer for all of us to use the Meet Up app and features. Many people do not realize group organizers pay an annual fee each year!

• Profile picture required for safety and so we can recognize each other at events. Your request will be denied if this is not up and you will be removed from the RSVP list and/or group entirely if you remove your profile picture.

• Respect for diverse reasons why we do not have children.

• Respect for new comers to Canada. Some of our members are new to Canada and have limited language skills. We are committed to providing our members with a supportive place to make new friends in a new country. We welcome all language levels, just let us know so we are aware of your language needs! =)

•Control your behavior: our organizers cannot take responsibility for the poor choices of others. Control your alcohol. Pay your tabs. Don't be catty. Don't be THAT drunk girl! If we feel your behavior puts hosts or other members in unsafe or uncomfortable situations, you will be banned from the group.

•Grievances settled privately: message boards are for logistics and communication for events. Do not use our message boards to air grievances - keep it classy! If you have an issue with the behavior of another member, please PM them. Inappropriate use of message boards will result in you being banned from group.


We understand things happen and plans change. However, our Event Organizers volunteer their time to organize events for your enjoyment. In addition, most events require reservations and will have a wait list. To keep things fair to all and avoid disappointing members on the wait list, and to avoid embarrassing situations at the restaurants and places of business where we make reservations, we expect common courtesy and communication from our members:

• notify event organizer/hostess ASAP if you will be late and your ETA

• if you RSVP to an event and you change your mind, you must change your RSVP status to 'not going' at least 24 hours ahead of time so your place can be offered to someone on the wait list with sufficient notification. Some of our members have complained about wanting to attend events and not being able to attend due to the wait list, but then having spots open up at the very last minute and not having enough time to plan accordingly.

• 1 no-show pardon: things happen, we get it. First no-show and your profile will have receive a "naughty note" and a warning. More than 1 no-show and you will be removed from the group.

• chronic last-minute cancellations: if you habitually cancel with less than 24 hours notice, your profile will receive a "naughty note" and a warning. If the behavior continues, you will be removed from the group.

• chronic seat holding: if we notice you habitually RSVP for events to hold a spot and then keep cancelling, your profile will receive a "naughty note" and a warning. If the behavior continues, you will be removed from the group.

• Inactivity: if you have not attended an event in over 6 months and have not paid a member due/contribution, you will be removed from the group. We want to meet our members and make connections! We want to create community! This requires our members to be active participants. You are welcome to reapply to join our group but you should make the effort to join us at our events!


Do not use our group and message board to promote a business scheme or products, religious group, or drug-related lifestyle. There are other Meet-up groups that you can join for that. =)

In general, most events will be hosted by one of our organizers or leadership team. In the event that someone from our leadership team can no longer host, a substitute will be requested from among the members who have RSVPd to host the event so they don't get cancelled at the last minute. We want to keep you ladies happy and provide opportunities to connect!

We hope you enjoy your experience with our Meetup group!

Yours truly,

The Child-free and fabulous team

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