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$5 - one day visit fee (cash or credit/debit card) can be paid at the front desk in the new building (3750 West Ogden) Just mention that you are with CBPSN and you are playing Volleyball in the old building. Once you pay just walk over to the old building at 3860 West Ogden less than one block away. Bring a towel, a water bottle, and get ready to have some fun.

This Volleyball meet up will be a low intensity game and geared towards the abilities of the average CBPSN member. All CBPSN members are welcome

Parking is available at either 3750 or 3860 West Ogden.

I recommend that CBPSN member join the Lawndale Christian Fitness Center. It's only $15 per month. This will preclude you having to pay the $5 daily entry fee whenever a meetup is held at this facility.