Past Meetup

12 Years As A Slave - Saturday night at the movies


Based on a true story, 12 YEARS A SLAVE is a riveting account of a free black man kidnapped from New York and sold into brutal slavery in mid-1850s Louisiana, and the inspiring story of his desperate struggle to return home to his family.

SOLOMON NORTHUP (Chiwtel Ejiofor), an educated black man with a gift for music, lives with his wife and children in Saratoga, New York. One day, when his family is out of town, he is approached by two men claiming to be circus promoters. Solomon agrees to travel with them briefly, playing the fiddle while they perform. But after sharing a drink with the men, he awakens to find he has been drugged and bound and faces a horrifying reality: he is being shipped to the South as a slave.

This movie is receiving rave reviews and has early Oscar buzz.

The Century 12 Evanston Theater has a parking structure across the street. It is FREE with validation for up to four hours. We will meet at the Rhythm Room at 4:45pm - a lounge inside the theater for drinks. There is also a full service kitchen, a live jazz band, and a pool table. The movie starts at 5:20pm. Many of us will be staying afterwards to discuss the film. All are welcome to join us. Here is the Fandango link to purchase tickets.


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