Past Meetup

"Draw the Line" planning meeting


This month's planning meeting we will be talking about our "Draw the Line" nyc action on September 21st, part of a national day of action against the KXL pipeline. Also in attendance will be members of our newly formed Coalition of local groups! The action is only three weeks away, so their is plenty of roles that people can fill.

On the agenda, We'll be talking about combining literally "drawing the line" of future sea level rise in Manhattan 2100 with chalk on sidewalks based on mapping science and a Stop the KXL (and NYC pipelines) March with people carrying a Pipeline from Battery Park to predetermined targets that will affect and be affected by sea level rise in lower Manhattan.

We will be in Room #507.

Will see you there!!

If you missed the inspiring national video chat about the 350 National Day of Action you can see it here: (