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US Hands Off Venezuela !!

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US Hands Off Venezuela

We cannot be silent in the face of the latest U.S. aggression against the Venezuelan people. We cannot sit idle while the administration in Washington DC pushes for another resource war and uses sanctions to create a massive humanitarian crisis. History tells us that a US-backed coup will do little to improve the conditions for working people in Venezuelan people should decide who rules. Venezuela deserves self -determination like all people.

The desire to increase US corporate control of Venezuela's oil reserves can only hasten climate warming, a catastrophe that , in turn, threatens human life on the planet.

Just as an previous administration was willing to lie to get us to war in Iraq so too is the current administration willing to manipulate the American people into supporting another unjust and immoral war. We cannot let ourselves be fooled again. Join us to show those in power we are done with interventionist policies around the world.

No More War. Hands Off Venezuela.

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