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Event Repeats on the 3rd Friday, Monthly 360 Referral Network™ is a B2B network that fosters Quality Relationship, Educates, and connects members for greater success. Scroll down for Speaker Info. Event Repeats on the 3rd Friday of every month 360 Referral Network™ is more than a networking group. It is a cause, a vision, committed to improving the way we live, relate, and do business. Ask us about Membership? Membership is for you if you oftentimes feel alone in your business, and if you ever struggle to get way more of the RIGHT clients. Speaker Info! 360 Networking Did you know: 96% of Business Professionals, and Entrepreneurs believe they should network for greater success. Yet, less than 7% actually know how to do it successfully! WHAT!? True story! Join Cyndee Paulson-Heer, founder of the now retired, The Enchanted Network, and former Director Consultant for BNI, and Susie Garcia, Director Consultant for BNI as they share the secrets behind growing a Successful Business Network. In this talk you will learn:  The two types of business networkers, and which one has better long-term success.  7-benefits of Effective Networking  5-Keys to Successful Networking This foundational information can level-up your networking, and bring greater results that will help you build a network that will serve you for a lifetime. 11:15: Doors Open, Registration, Open Networking 11:30 - 1:00: Agenda Early Bird Event Fee: $15 ($25 at the door) Note: Event fee does not include meal 360 Referral Network™ 360 Referral Network™ is a Referral Based, Collaborative network focused on building Quality Relationships that will serve its members for a lifetime. We are driven by Specialized Education, a Strong Vision, and the Triple Win Philosophy™, whereby we seek the highest and best win for all (you, me and them). We are committed to building a community that Empowers our members to do business through Higher Values, Strong Leadership, Integrity, and Triple Win Collaboration™. We are not limited to a local community; rather, we are connected globally. Our vision goes beyond networking and business to embrace our personal place, and responsibility in the collective good within our global communities, small and large. About our Network/Community: 1. We are a Triple Win™ Network; meaning we put people before transactions, and seek the highest win for all: Members, partners, and The 360 Referral Network™ . 2. We understand the what, why, and how of networking for business success, and what it takes to grow a thriving business, and have designed our events, programs, and collaborations for our members overall success. 3. We network to build our network, and overall business success, not to sell our programs. 4. Our members are members of multiple networks so we can bring referrals from outside of the 360 Community. 5. We cultivate a clique free, networking environment that fosters connection, collaboration, and comradery for all. This event has been created for entrepreneurs, and business folks who want to be inspired personally and professionally. A good old fashioned connection is at the heart of our agenda. Our format follows a casual but structured outline which includes both casual and structured networking. We also include business and marketing education at every meeting, and a specially chosen speaker, to help you grow your business more successfully. Note: Event fee increases to $25 at the door (does not include meal). 11:15: Doors Open, Registration, Open Networking 11:30 - 1:00: Program, 3 rounds of Structured Networking, Casual networking, Speaker Spotlight, Educational Moments, and more.

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What we're about

Networking is ESSENTIAL to grow a thriving business. It is also often a barrier for many entrepreneurs, and business folk. It’s our experience that this barrier is created from 3 things:

1. Lack of understanding the Networking process

2. The absence of a strong, compelling business introduction

3. An underdeveloped knack to speak confidently about one’s business

Cyndee Paulson-Heer, (founder), and the 360 Referral Network, leadership team have all experienced these barriers that can make us “Networking shy”. That’s why we created The 360 Network, designed to educate and support members in mastering the networking process, and in building a thriving business.

The 360 Network™, is a referral and relationship based, B2B, networking group designed with the “networking shy,” in mind. Our goal is to help you push through barriers that keep us from connecting, and build quality relationships that will serve you for a life time.

At each meeting we will feature a guest speaker chosen to educate you in the elements of building a thriving business, and cultivating a success mindset. You will also have the opportunity to introduce yourself, in a "sticky", way that helps people remember you. And, as with all great networking groups, you’ll have plenty of time for casual chat and connecting.

Come connect with us, if you want to:

• Learn the secrets of mastering networking

• Receive and givehigher quality referrals

• Nurture quality relationships

• Meet the right people to grow your business

• Expand your overall business knowledge, and build a thriving business

Bring your business cards.

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