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"We Write Here"

Who Should Be Here too?

Song Writers, Poets, Musicians, Producers, Performing & Recording Artists, Music Directors, A&Rs, Artist Managers etc.

We created this group as a platform to discuss various topics including:

Song Writing, Poetry, & Being Independent in 2019

Finding Artist to Perform your Works

Copyrights and Protecting Your Intellectual Property


Where to pitch your material

Licensing & Syncs

Expanding Your Network

Writers Groups

Top Selling Artists and Why

What Inspires You as a Song Writer

How to Determine Which of Your Works is Your "Best Work"

Conquering Writer's Block

Ask a question. Make a statement. Post a link. This is a Safe space to be your quirky Artistic self.

Please Note:

This is not a competitive environment so please be mindful of the energy you bring when you enter this room!!

If you've been wondering where you can vibe with like-minded creatives, drop a gem, gain some insight, encourage others & also be encouraged, well...

We Write Here!!!


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