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Total 3D Experience

3D Printing Hong Kong is for anyone interested in this revolutionary technology.

Whether you are:

- a novice and would love to see a 3D printer in action,
- an owner of a 3D Printer keen to show off your creations and share your experience,
- a designer or an artist using 3D printing in your work - or looking to get started
- an enthusiast user of Sketchup, Blender, SolidWorks, ZBrush, Rhino or any other 3D drawing software
- a developer interested in new 3D modelling techniques
- curious about making your own jewellery, kitchen tools, spare parts, glasses, fashion accessories, toys and games, or anything else!
- intrigued by the influence of 3D printing on the future of manufacturing
- a chemist researching new materials for 3D printers
- a teacher convinced your students need to learn to design and print in 3D
- a fashionista looking to innovate
- a mechanical engineer motivated by innovation to build new 3D printers, or
- just full of energy and playing with the idea of a 3D related Start-up.

No matter who you are, what skill level, 3D Printing Hong Kong is for you.

You already have a printer? Download free 3D printable files from MyMiniFactory.com, the worlds only curated 3D printable object platform.

You need training to discover 3D printing or to improve your existing skills? Book your seat now!

Join our group, and meet other 3D users, designers, bloggers, engineers, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of all kinds.

Attending our meetups is a great way to share projects, ideas and how-tos related to 3D printing.

Join our group for Demonstrations, Talks, Informal get togethers and other Events.

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