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Let's Build 3D Printers Together
We're thinking about having a regularly scheduled meetup to build 3D printers together at the Makerspace. We'd work together to build the same printer, which will probably cost $400 to $500 when finished. By working together we would save money and time. This meetup will not be scheduled unless there are at least 3 or 4 people who want to participate. It will also require everyone to agree on which printer we'll build and at least one person stepping forward to help lead this group. The components needed to build a 3D printer are readily available and the makerspace has built a large Rostock printer for much less than what it would have cost to buy one.

Rochester Makerspace

850 St. Paul St · Rochester, NY


What we're about

The Rochester Makerspace ( is a nonprofit community workshop and art studio. One of our goals is to bring "makers" of all kinds together so they can meet, work together, and learn from each other.

We have a nice large facility and we've been wanting to invite 3D printer owners to bring their printers to the makerspace on a Saturday or Sunday for day of printing, interaction and learning. This will be a free event and those can't bring their printer or who don't own one but who are interested in learning about them would also be welcome.

We think we need at least 6 people to come with printers for the meetup to be successful. If it is then we'd like to repeat it regularly. If there's enough interest we may also organize other activities or create a forum or mailing list so those in the Rochester area can share information and help each other.

If any of that sounds good to you then please join this group.

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