• Reality Mixer, Virtual Escapade, & Augmented Holiday Party!

    Microsoft Reactor at Grand Central Tech

    Hosted by NYC HoloLens Developers Meetup. PLEASE NOTE: We are not using the Meetup RSVP for this event and instead please use the eventbrite link below... Celebrate the holidays with New York's most active enthusiasts of Immersive Technology, VR, AR, Mixed Reality, and 3D tech! Join us at the Microsoft Reactor for an evening of holiday festivities, and meet members of the 21 different groups who have agreed to participate in this event. We'll have refreshments sponsored by Microsoft, and are also working on having some demos. We're limited to 300 tickets, so we're charging $10 for the event to discourage no-shows. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to International Relief Teams for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. Please do not RSVP to this group; you'll need to get your ticket on Eventbrite! Purchase tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reality-mixer-virtual-escapade-augmented-holiday-party-tickets-40003108374 Participating groups: * ARNY * ConVRsations: Cinematic Virtual Reality * Jump Into the Light Meetup Group * Learning in VR * Microsoft Makers and App Developers * New York Augmented Reality and Computer Vision Meetup * New York eXtended Reality Meetup * 3D Club of NY * NYC ARKit Studio * NYC HoloLens Developers Meetup * NYC Media Lab * NYC VR and Tech Meetup * NYVR * NY VR U * NY Women in VR * The VR/AR Association * Think Immersive * UPLOAD NYC - Virtual Reality & Oculus * VR/AR/MR Marketing and Branding * VR Video Meetup * WebVR New York See you at the party!

  • The NYSA Presents: 3D Drones with Dave Comeau Sunday,

    Governor's Island

    Sunday, August 24th @ 2:00 pm, Dave's been experimenting with these great new video tools and he'll share his knowledge and expertise with you. How about a live 3D view above Holocenter? Strap on the goggles and down the Dramamine! He'll be piloting his Drone in 3D with FPV. Wonder what that means? See you Sunday!

  • The NYSA presents D. Carlton Bright on the new potentials 3D has to offer

    Mr. Bright will describe the basic history of Stereoscopy, and will show and discuss various viewers and other 3D devices he has purchased or constructed for the pursuit of his art. He'll also demonstrate a process he's developing to enable an easier stereoscopic workflow. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion of the growing potential of 3D and its influence on society and culture, both now and in the future. D. Carlton Bright is an Artist and Videographer. His 3D Video exhibit, 'Williamsburg 3D of a Decade' has been displayed in a number of local galleries It takes you on a surreal stereoscopic journey into the recent transition of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. http://www.carltonbright.com/portfolio (http://www.carltonbright.com/portfolio/) You can also visit his virtual lab, "Bright's Spot" on the NYSA website. http://www.3dnsa.org/lab/brightsspot.html

  • Learn to Shoot 3D With Any 2D Camera

    Governor's Island

    Come meet with the New York Stereoscopic Association for another Summer Lecture Series on Governors Island and Learn how to shoot 3-D with your normal 2-D camera. Gerald Marks is an artist specializing in Stereoscopic 3-D for almost 40 years and has been teaching 3-D at the School of Visual Arts for the past dozen years. He created 3-D exhibits at the NY Hall of Science and directed three, 3-D music videos for the Rolling Stones. His 3-D photos and prints can be seen at the Holocenter this summer. Learn how easy it can be to shoot 3-D with any camera... fancy or not. Get ready to learn the art of the Cha-Cha, a remarkable & useful photo technique named after a 1950's dance! All are welcome! Ferry Schedule: http://www.govisland.com/html/visit/directions.shtml

  • New York Stereoscopic Association

    Governor's Island

    3D - Right Between Your Eyes John J. Zelenka will be giving a brief lecture about various elements of Stereoscopic 3D, with a bit of show and tell. And you'll have a chance to see the various exhibits on display at the Holocenter.

  • STALINGRAD 3D ***Advanced IMAX 3D screening*** Free for members -- FULL!

    *** UPDATE: DUE TO THE HUGE RESPONSE, THE SHOW IS NOW FULL -- NO MORE SEATS ARE AVAILABLE -- RSVPs CLOSED *** ************************************************************ 3D Club of NY presents STALINGRAD *** IMAX 3D SCREENING *** You are invited to special advanced screening --- FREE for members of the 3D Club of NY --- ************************************************************ To attend this free screening of the film, you must RSVP by sending email to: [masked] please indicate if bringing guest(s) , so we can keep track. ************************************************************ Highest Grossing Box-Office Russian Movie of All Time First Russian Film Shot in 3D and IMAX 3D STALINGRAD is an epic look at the battle that turned the tide of World War II. A band of determined Russian soldiers fight to hold a strategic building in their devastated city against a ruthless German army, and in the process become deeply connected a Russian woman who has been living there. Presented in IMAX® 3D, the scale of the battle contrasts dramatically with the human drama of the Russian soldiers, the few remaining civilians and their invaders into Stalingrad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG9f8gEuqmQ Stalingrad is directed by Fedor Bondarchuk (The 9th Company), with a screenplay by Ilya Tilkin and Sergey Snezhkin, based on chapters from the novel Life and Fate by Vasiliy Grossman. The film stars Thomas Kretschmann (King Kong, The Pianist), Petr Fedorov, Sergey Bondarchuk, Mariya Smolnikova and Yanina Studilina. In Russian and German with English subtitles, Stalingrad film in IMAX 3D runs 135 minutes and is rated R for sequences of war violence. http://www.stalingrad-themovie.com STALINGRAD movie officially opens in IMAX 3D nationwide on February 28. But our 3DCoNY members are invited to attend a free exclusive screening on: Thursday, February 20 -- 7:00PM -- AMC Loews 34th St. Please don't forget to RSVP. See you in 3D !

  • POLARITY: An Evening of Polarized 3D Projections

    Holocenter - Center for the Holographic Arts

    The Center for Holographic Arts (http://www.holocenter.org/), in collaboration with the SPLICE (http://splicenyc.org/) live electronic music performance series, is excited to present POLARITY: An Evening of Polarized 3D Projections + Experimental Sounds. The audiovisual extravaganza begins with a selection of 3D still images, from a roster of talented stereographers, projected in the cavernous lobby of the Holocenter. In response to the images, musicians tū (Jeremy Slater + Tamara Yadao) and Chris Ianuzzi will generate a real-time ambient electronic soundtrack. Snacks will be provided. Participating Artists: - Carlton Bright - Maximus Clarke - Dave Comeau - Paul Johnson - Zack Lieberman - Gerald Marks - John Zelenka - Zoran Zelic The main event of the evening will be “Williamsburg Concerto No.1 (http://carltonbright.com/portfolio/excerpts-from-williamsburg-3d-of-a-decade/)”. 3D artist Carlton Bright (http://carltonbright.com/) has lived in and documented the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn for over 25 years. He assembled this ambitious and atmospheric 1-hour stereoscopic film from footage shot over the course of the decade spanning from 2003 to 2013. A screening of Maximus Clarke (http://maximusclarke.com/)’s 3D short "Occupy Your Mind (http://klaxon.tv/news_20111212.htm)" will precede Bright’s film. Filmed at the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park in fall 2011, it features Clarke as Maxx Klaxon, his dictatorial pop/performance-art alter ego, satirically instructing the protestors to ignore the broken socioeconomic system, and immerse themselves in the distractions of mass media. During the events, visitors will also have access to the Vault Gallery of the Holocenter (http://holocenter.org/vault-gallery). The classic 1920s bank vault space is filled with holographic artwork by veteran artists in the field as well as fresh visions from around the world. Screenshot from Carlton Bright's WILLIAMSBURG CONCERTO NO.1

  • Stereoscopic 3D Workshop: Theory and Hands-On (Paid Course)

    The IMC Lab Gallery

    NOTE: THIS IS A PAID WORKSHOP - TO REGISTER GO TO: http://www.theimclab.com/stereoscopic-3d-workshop ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Organized by ZZ3D Stereoscopic Art&Design Studio (http://www.ZZ3D.com/) in conjunction with the Volumetric Society of NYC (http://www.Volumetric.org/) and the 3D Club of NY (http://www.3DclubNY.com/). ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This information-packed course explores core concepts, examples and techniques of the magical world of Stereoscopic 3D. Learn the foundations, tools and skills on how to use this medium to enjoy and create 3D content. You'll leave this class with clear understanding of the third dimension, and with your own 3D photos. Due to our binocular vision, stereo 3D is a natural evolution in visualization. Thanks to emerging 3D technologies, an exciting new era of stereoscopy has begun and there is an increasing demand for S3D content and services. 3D imaging has practical uses in numerous fields such as art, entertainment, science, medical, education and gaming. Whether you’re new to 3D or you’re experienced but would like to enhance your 3D skills, this workshop will teach you theory and practice of stereo imaging. Special handout and 3D glasses will be provided. Bring your own 3D equipment and designs if desired. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Level: Beginner to Intermediate Prerequisite: No previous 3D knowledge required - recommended for Hands-on: PC or MAC laptop with Photoshop (free 30-day trial available here (https://creative.adobe.com/apps)) or other image editing program - camera (2D or 3D) recommended but not required Duration: 6 hours - 3 hours theory - break - 3 hours hands-on Workshop cost: $100.00. A $25.00 non-refundable registration fee is required. The $25 goes towards the cost of the course. Student discounts are available, please email [masked] for information. Course is limited to 15 participants. Register early to secure you place. Please register below: http://www.theimclab.com/stereoscopic-3d-workshop ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Topics Covered: Introduction - What is Stereoscopy? - Human/binocular vision and depth perception/cues - Brief history of Stereoscopy - EXAMPLES: images, videos, CGI, visuals, virtual reality, games, live 3D - Glossary and Terms - Interocular & Interaxial separation - Parallax & Stereo base - Convergence & Divergence - 3D photography & video (Stereography) - Computer-generated stereo - The future of stereo 3D Viewing and presenting 3D - Side-by-side, above-below, page-flip, interlaced, checkerboard... - Anaglyphs & Phantograms - Active & Passive stereo - Lenticular & Autostereoscopy (no-glasses stereo) - Free viewing: cross-eye & parallel-eye - Stereo viewers Hardware - Single-body 3D camera - Stereo attachments - Twin camera (two 2D cameras) - 3D camera rigs & stereo bars --------- BREAK --------- Workshop: Theory - 3D shooting basics - How to take 3D photos with any camera: slide bars & cha-cha method - Parallel vs. Toe-in cameras - The 1/30th Rule - Hyper-stereo & Hypo-stereo - DOs & DON’Ts - Negative, Zero and Positive Parallax - Stereo Window, Window Violations & Floating Window - Think in 3D - Tips for making best 3D photos - Creative use of depth - Make your 3D images pop - Advanced 3D techniques Workshop: Hands-on - OK, let’s put theory into practice: shooting your own 3D pictures! - Software Photo: - Prepping images: manual vs. automated - How to process 3D pictures in Photoshop or almost any photo editing software - How to process 3D pictures in StereoPhoto Maker - Corrections: alignment, rotation, keystone, magnification, cropping... - Save and organize 3D photos - 3D picture formats: JPS, PNS, MPO Video: - How to shoot 3D movies - 3D editing tools; Edius - 3D video formats: MVC, AVCHD - How to upload to YouTube 3D CGI: - How to create 3D renderings and animations with virtual 3D cameras Other techniques: - Adding 3D text and logos - Composite 3D Other 3D software Resources - Useful links - Best places to post and share your 3D images and videos - Best places for 3D competitions - Recommended literature and further reading ----------------------------------------------------------------------- About the instructor: Zoran Zelic ([masked]), M.Sc.AAD, is multidisciplinary award-winning NYC-based designer & artist specializing in Stereoscopic 3D visualizations and interactive Virtual Realities. Zoran was fascinated by stereoscopic vision when he saw his first stereogram by naked eye as a teenager. Intrigued by unexplored areas of human perception, he uses stereoscopy as a new art form and a medium for his artistic expression and architectural designs. His works include techniques like S3D photography, videos, fine art, graphics, interactive visuals, virtual walkthroughs, art exhibits and live 3D events, promoting the use of natural stereo vision in many potential artistic and commercial applications. Utilizing the latest digital 3D technologies to create and simulate altered realities, he examines the creative potential of immersive environments and three-dimensional worlds. Zoran holds two Master Degrees in Architecture, from Columbia University and from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. He is the founder and president of the 3D Club of NY (http://www.3DclubNY.com/) and an active member of the Volumetric Society of NYC (http://nyc.volumetric.org/), the NY Stereoscopic Society (http://www.ny3d.org/) (NYSS), the National Stereoscopic Association (http://www.stereoworld.org/) (NSA), and the International Stereoscopic Union (http://www.stereoscopy.com/isu/) (ISU). He is a sponsored artist of companies at the forefront of 3D technology including Nvidia (https://www.3dvisionlive.com/) and Volfoni (http://www.volfoni.com/en/). Zoran is the founder of ZZ3D (http://www.ZZ3D.com), an innovative Stereoscopic 3D Art & Design Studio, based in NYC. You can learn more at: http://www.ZZ3D.com/ https://www.Facebook.com/ZZ3D.studio http://www.3DclubNY.com/ http://www.Volumetric.org/ Email: [masked]

  • NEO3DO glasses-free 3D Tablet Launch Party!

    The IMC Lab Gallery

    www.neo3do.com 3D Club of NY (http://www.3dclubny.com/) in conjunction with ZZ3D Stereoscopic Studio (https://www.facebook.com/ZZ3D.studio) is excited to host a free open house Launch Party for the world's first commercial glasses-free 3D Tablet. After the Product Launch in Hollywood, the NEO3DO (http://www.neo3do.com/) founders are coming to the Big Apple to showcase the Android tablet. Come and bring your friend or colleague to test the device, see some cool 3D content, and hang out with other 3D professionals & enthusiasts while having a free drink & snack. Join us for: - 3D tablet hands-on demonstrations; - a chance to buy a tablet for a super discount; - a chance to win a tablet through giveaways/raffle! Wine/beer and appetizers will be provided. Bring your own 3D content (photos, videos, etc.) on USB or microSD and see it in 3D on the tablet, without the glasses. Launch party in Hollywood: Fundraising campaign on Indiegogo: http://www.indiegogo.com/NEO3DO ------------------------------------- Message from the NEO3DO founder: Hello New York, this is an invitation to the official product launch NY! The NEO3DO is an 8" Glasses-Free 3D Android tablet capable of displaying bright and clear 3D without the glasses --it also shows 2D of course. We believe this amazing device will help bring 3D to Chasm and consumer adoption. Bring your own content on USB or microSD and see it on the tablet. Expect a hands-on demo, snacks, beer/wine and some great conversation.You are welcome to invite other industry professionals in the 3D, Technology, Arts and Media areas. Thanks to the 3D Club of NY and our generous hosts at the IMC LAB, a studio with a focus on tech, art and experimental new media. I really look forward to having you at the Launch, David Briggs Founding Member, 3D Film Connection 3D Club of NY would like to thank Ellen Pearlman from the Volumetric Society of NYC (http://nyc.volumetric.org/) and James and Carrie Tunick from the IMC Lab (http://www.theIMClab.com) for their help in organizing the event.