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3RD Eye Paranormal: Paranormal Investigation + Integrated Studies/FTX 12.16.18
DESCRIPTION: We invite you to join us for another fascinating Paranormal Investigation of an exceptionally Haunted Cemetery in Redlands, CA - Hillside Memorial Park & Cemetery! The cemetery was established in 1886, and great care was taken in developing the space into what it is today. It is full of Italian cypress trees, redwoods and streets lined with cut granite walls. The cemetery really is quite beautiful! Edward Judson and Frank Brown, Co-Founders of Redlands are both buried here. Also, buried here is Frank Pierce Morrison, the Founder of Southern California Edison; Charles Nordoff, author of "Mutiny on the Bounty", and many, many other important people! There are also innumerable reports of Spirits, Ghostly Sightings and other types of Paranormal Activity all throughout Hillside Cemetery. The Spirits of the Dead seem to still linger here, but why? Join the 3RD Eye Paranormal Team in our attempts to document Paranormal Activity and communicate with the Resident Spirits of this haunted cemetery! 2-SEGMENT MEETUP DETAILS & SPECIFICS TITLE: 3RD Eye Paranormal: Paranormal Investigation + Integrated Studies/FTX[masked] DATE: Sunday, December 16, 2018 TIMES: • Integrated Studies + Lunch -> 12:30PM - 2:30PM • Paranormal Investigation + FTX -> 2:45PM - 7PM MEETING LOCATION ADDRESSES: • Integrated Studies + Lunch @ 12:30PM -> EPIC Apprentices and PASSAGE Para-Scholars [*REQUIRED ATTENDANCE]; 3RD Eye Paranormal PSI-Investigators that wish to supplement their Paranormal Research Education are welcome to join us too! ** Meet at Panera Bread; 470 E Cypress Ave, Redlands, CA 92373 • Paranormal Investigation & FTX @ 2:45PM -> For 3RD Eye Paranormal PSI-Investigators that wish to skip Integrated Studies and just meet us at the cemetery to investigate. ** Meet near the front gate entrance to Hillside Memorial Park & Cemetery; 1540 Alessandro Rd, Redlands, CA 92373 TYPE: PASSAGE Academic Classes & Trainings [PACT]; Paranormal Investigations & Meta-Events [PIME] INTEGRATED STUDIES & FTX SUBJECTS/TOPICS: *Level 1 Cores: 1) Site Scouting, Exploration and Surveying; 2) Mapping, Planning and Investigative Strategies; 3) Symbols, Images and Signs; 4) Digital Photography, Spirit Photography and Anomalous Photo-Captures; 5) Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), Auditory Sound Phenomena (ASP) and Anomalous-Sound Recording; *Auxiliary: 1) Gravestone Symbolism, Imagery And Markers AUTHORIZATIONS: • Integrated Studies + Lunch -> These segments are rated 'AO' for 'Adults Only'. Only Members of our Organizations are authorized to attend these segments once payment has been received (*PAYMENT REQUIRED - refer to Costs/Fees below for pricing) • Paranormal Investigation & FTX -> This segment is rated 'AO' for 'Adults Only'. Only Members of our Organizations are authorized to attend this segment. COSTS/FEES: • Integrated Studies/FTX [Level-1 Core]: ** EPIC Apprentices & PASSAGE Scholars => FREE ** 3RD Eye Paranormal Members (*OPTIONAL) => $5 (includes Materials/Forms) • Optional Members Lunch At Panera Bread => Bring some $$ to pay for your meal • Paranormal Investigation - FREE! MATERIALS/EQUIPMENT NEEDED: • Digital Camera • Audio Recorder • Any other Electronic, Paranormal and/or Psychic Devices/Tools • Clip Board • Pen/Pencil • Notepad/Paper AUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT During this Investigation, you will be focusing on the use of both of your most essential pieces of Equipment - your Digital Camera and your Digital Audio-Recorder. If you do not own a camera and/or recorder at this time, then you may use your smartphone to take photos and record audio as it carries both functionalities. Because this is an Exploratory Investigation, you are also allowed to implement any other Equipment that you would like (if you have other Equipment), such as EMF Detectors, Video-Cameras, Temperature Gauges, etc. PSI-Investigators are encouraged to cautiously open themselves up Psychically to any Spirits that reside at this location and attempt to communicate.

Panera Bread Cafe

470 E Cypress Avenue · Redlands, CA

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3RD Eye Paranormal™ is an Authentic, One-of-a-Kind Organization that specializes in providing a vast array of extraordinary Meetups and Specialized Events including: Standard & Psychic Paranormal Investigations; Paranormal & Psychical Research; Supernatural, Metaphysical and Psychic Education; Paranormal Tours & Entertainment; Historical Travels & Entertainment; Amazing Events, Discussions and Social Functions; and much more!

We are unlike any typical Paranormal Research or Investigation group! Our PSI-Investigators are entrusted and encouraged to employ their Psychic Abilities during their participation in phenomenal Paranormal Investigations, Supernatural Research and other Organizational Events. In addition, we provide Specialized Education Opportunities that serve to further develop our Members’ Paranormal Abilities and enhance their Wisdom of all things Supernatural.

3RD Eye Paranormal™ is a Private Subsidiary of EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations™. It operates as our "Nerve Center" Organization that hosts and conducts its own Independent Organizational Events, as well as Select Events for 2 Main Subsidiary Organizations - the Paranormal Academy of Supernatural Sciences Anomalistics & Ghostly Exploration® [PASSAGE] and Route 66 Meta-Expeditions™. On occasion, it also hosts Exclusive Special Events for EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations™.

Our Organization is directed by Professionals that possess Decades of Extensive Experience, Education, Knowledge and Expertise in the Psychical Fields of Study! Members of 3RD Eye Paranormal have the opportunity to Investigate with and Learn from Reputable, Trained Specialists in the Parapsychology, Supernatural Research and Paranormal Investigation Fields of Study. Its Members are comprised of Individuals representing all different Backgrounds, Races, Colors, Ethnicities, Religions, Identities, Sexes, Occupations, etc.

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