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Sa Re Ga newaale from Pune…Check, 1 2 3 here…

-----> Completing 4 years full of activities - Collaborative Singing Learning Meets and Discussions/Sharing <-----

-------------------> Rocking Meets during this period include 3 Special Events !! <-------------------



IMP:--After filling the membership form, do not forget to call me on 95528 24848.

Your membership request will be processed ONLY AFTER a short telephonic brief about joining..


Whom this group is for?

• This group is (ONLY) for passionate singers, who want to seriously elevate their singing level...

• Bollywood Hindi songs is the main focus...

• We use high quality Karaoke tracks during our meet and not actual live instruments in order to avoid dependencies, as also to give singers a perfect, almost original like accompaniment for songs. (sorry instrumentalists & other valuable contributors who make any song appealing, but primarily, this is not the forum for those)

Have serious fun !

• You may be a collegian or a working professional or a home maker..This is the stage for you...Let us meet up on weekends for joyous, energizing “Singing Parties” ! Yes, we have refreshments too while we are passionately engaged for long in food for heart :-)... We make weekend evening a memorable one !

• Whatever may be your profession or occupation, these singing parties help in distressing, unwinding from our otherwise busy schedules..Apart from pursuing singing as a passion, who knows, with practice, amateur singers may get elevated to a level of performing on a professional stage ! ..and this, while Singing on a “parallel track” along with their principle occupation…

What would we do?

• This group meets regularly, each one comes prepared and presents a song...

• We watch/listen to song clips, discuss subtle, finer aspects of the songs from singing point of view and collectively learn & apply skills of this art...

• We also arrange workshops or guidance sessions from accomplished singers and music composers..

• Once in a while, we plan to perform on a small stage or even in an auditorium with best live accompaniment and having our friends, colleagues, family members as audience...

What sounds good is good !

Some of you may be already a part of a music group…Great, in fact…Continue whatever you are doing…“Singing Meet up” platform is for complementing what you are currently doing…

If one has a good flair for it, learns from others and practices it passionately, then result are surely encouraging…Agar music profession nahi hai to kya huva, kabhi kabhi soor thoda idhar udhar huva to kya huva, audience ke liye phir bhi performance joyous hoga, maahol ban hi jayega !

As an example and to make you dream & get charged up to hold a mic (again), I am sharing with you links to some of our performances from non-commercial programs I had set up during festival celebrations, get-togethers etc… Note that neither me - on one of the Keyboards & Harmonium, nor the singers have music as profession..(other musicians on stage are of course professional artists).

Sample Hindi Songs



Sample Marathi Songs



Folks, I am closing in now rather a long introduction and on motivation to join..

So Kishores, Ashas, Rafis, Latas...and yes, Shreyas, Mohits, Arijits ...of Pune, tune in !

Join the "Singing Learning Oriented Meets".

---Raj Chirputkar (95528 24848)

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