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3rd Eye Meditation
COST: $20 To become more aware of the Spirit within you. The Direction you are going to take in this meditation is to Focus on Your Third (3rd) Eye. The third eye is a psychic energy center located in the middle of your forehead between your eyes. If you are familiar with the system of Chakras this would be your sixth chakra. The Action of this meditation is to focus your awareness on a specific place inside of you, This form of meditation has the Intention for you to spend time with Spirit and Where a line just above your temple intersects with the line of energy from your 3rd Eye. As you go inside, this action allows you to easily have direct access to The Energy of Spirit and Your Spiritual Eye. Your Mind has a tendency to wander. This is a natural process. So, we ask you to occupy your mind by focusing on the names of God. Posture: However you sit, stand, or lie down is your preference, Just experiment and find out what works best for you. Listening/Feeling: Is an important part of this process, so during your meditation just take some time just to listen, to hear whatever is present for you. Please join us as we practice this ancient form of Meditation and enjoy power of meditating in a group.

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What we're about

This group is for anyone interested in learning and practicing a unique form of meditation called "3rd Eye Meditation". At each meeting there will be a description of how to do the meditation followed by participants meditating together in a group.

3rd Eye Meditation: Focuses your energies going inward and upward to Spirit, sharing and receiving unconditional loving with Spirit. This meditation creates a place inside of you, so you can be drawn by Spirit directly to Itself.

This unique approach to meditation also includes stating your Intention before starting your meditation and time to record your experiences after the meditation.

Who should join?

All those:

Who want to become more aware of their contact with Spirit when they meditate.

Who enjoy meditating.

Who want to experience a new/different form of meditation.

Who experience a hard time meditating because of “Mind Chatter”, we will show you how to overcome this.

Who enjoy meditating in a group.

What members can expect of the group?

More awareness of Spirit in their meditation and in their life

You will find this group supportive of your willingness to learn and grow.

You will find members of this group to be “Loving”

You will meet other members who enjoy meditating and sometimes struglle with it.

You will find others who enjoy meditating in a group

What I expect from members in this group?

To desire to become more aware of the Spirit inside of them and in their lives.

To be curious, to be enthusiastic.

To become more Loving.

Come join us for this peaceful time of meditating in a group, feeling connected and loved.

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