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A meet up for women 35ish-50+ we can add a man to one of our outings if and when we want. If you are single, married, rich, poor, happy , sad , employed ,unemployed , mom, Mimi.... U get it , so come on let's do stuff together... #womenstrong ..🥰

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Rumors @Iron city

Iron City Bham


Blue Angels

Red Roof Pensacola Corry AFB

The Blue Angels will be flying at home in Pensacola on Saturday July 13. We won't be all staying together unless I find that it's cheaper and many sign up to go and can have there money in for it about a month in advance . It will be all weekend . However you can book something on Booking.com tentatively usually no charge and free cancelation . I book a red roof always just In case I have to bring my pups . Or I use a Laquinta both of those hotels are dog friendly with no extra charge . You can bring anyone for the weekend , husband's, kids etc. We will meet for the show and we will also do things while there like Dinner out and some beach time before we leave . Hope some of you can join us .

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Pepper Place

Pepper Place

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