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(402) Developers is a monthly engineering meetup organized by the engineers of CardFlight, a financial services startup that has experienced 2917% revenue growth in the last three years. Join us to hear the stories of the engineering challenges a rapidly growing startup faces.

The event will be held the last Tuesday of the month over at Fuse Coworking. We will provide food, drinks and good discussions.

5:30-6:00pm: Happy Hour/Check In
6:00-6:30pm: Presentation
6:30-7:00pm: Mingle and Q/A

Are you an engineer at a startup? Interested in being a guest speaker? We'd love to have you. Let us know.

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Rube Goldberg Uses a Credit Card

The Barnyard (Basement of FUSE)

Getting an "Approved" or "Declined" message on a credit card transaction typically takes a few seconds. Have you ever wondered what's happening in those few seconds? Inspired by Rube Goldberg's sketches that make simple tasks look complex, this talk will describe the myriad of connections, relations, and companies that are involved in every single transaction. Highlights: - The anatomy of a credit card transaction, starting with the chip on your credit card, all the way to the money moving into the merchants bank account. - The challenges of the cloud, archaic bank mainframes, and unreliable mobile internet connections. - A "behind the curtains" look at how we ensure engineering success in a fast-paced startup environment where every API request represents real money and every exception matters. After the talk, you'll never look at a "PROCESSING" message on a credit card terminal the same way. You may even pick up a few ideas that will help you build safer systems in the future. About our Speaker: Jesse Angell serves as the Senior Director of Engineering at CardFlight. He has spent the last thirteen years in engineering (mostly software) with a focus on mission-critical infrastructure and security. Today, CardFlight processes payments for over 50,000 businesses across the United States. Prior to CardFlight, he was the CTO of PaymentSpring, now a Nelnet (NYSE:NNI) company. Schedule: The Barnyard (Basement of FUSE) 5:30pm Pizza & Beer 6:00pm Presentation 6:30pm Q&A & Networking {{Sponsored by CardFlight}}

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Star Wars & Coding Practices

The Barnyard (Basement of FUSE)

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