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Looking to connect with other 40+, 45+, 50+ year old singles? Let's have some fun in the Portland/Vancouver area... indoors and outdoors. Happy hours, dog walks, hikes, movies, plays, events, music, etc. etc. Time to come together to laugh, drink, talk and meet other fun single folks to explore the best of Portland and beyond.

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The Moth StorySLAM - Flawed @ Holocene


The Moth, one of my favorite open mic speaking event. I can't wait for this event topic, FLAWED ;-). Join me in Tuesday, May 21 @ 7PM. Click here to purchase tickets when availiable. (May 14 tickets go on sale) Only a 100 tickets? https://themoth.org/events/flawed-portland The Moth is an open seating arrangement, seating will be tough if you don't arrive early. ****** FLAWED: Prepare a five-minute story about pitfalls. Imperfections....a glitch that changed your course either for the better or for the worse. Times that even Beyonce couldn't say "I woke up like this." Some say the flaws are what makes something beautiful. This venue is 21+ *Tickets for this event are available one week before the show (May 14), at 12pm PT / 3pm ET. *Seating is not guaranteed and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before the show. Admission is not guaranteed for late arrivals. All sales final. Media Sponsors: OPB and Literary Arts Additional Information About the Venue This venue is 21+. ****** When the doors open, storyteller hopefuls put their names in The Moth “hat." A half hour later, names are picked, and one by one, storytellers take the stage. The ten featured stories are scored by teams of judges selected from the audience. Each StorySLAM generates a StorySLAM winner. After ten SLAMs, the winners face off in a GrandSLAM Championship. Come sign up to tell a story, or just enjoy the show! How to tell your story at a StorySLAM: Consult our calendar to find out the theme of the night. Conjure, channel, craft and compose your story. Practice so you can remember it without the benefits of paper. Then practice it so you can keep it down to five minutes. Tell it to your plants but know that they are a tough audience. Revise. Rework. Curse your plants for not believing in you! Revamp. Finesse. Shave off another two minutes. Try again. Voila! Forgive your plants. Indeed, they helped you see the light. Come to the Moth StorySLAM and put your name in the hat. If you are one of the lucky 10 picked, you’ll have five minutes to woo the audience with tales of your on-theme escapades. Unpicked? Fear not, some variation of your theme will surely rise again. All stories have multiple themes and stretching them to fit can be fun and even bring out elements you hadn’t recognized before. Contestants are judged on sticking to the five-minute time frame, sticking to the theme and having a story that has a conflict and a resolution. ***** Ticket(s) are about $17.50/each, $15.00 & $2.50 service fee.

Lower Breitenbush Hot Springs

Tigard TC WES Station

Limiting to 3 folks. Just driving out there to check it out. Maybe sticking in my big toe... Breitenbush Hot Springs Nestled in the northern tip of the Willamette National Forest, about sixty miles east of Salem, Breitenbush Hot Springs is one of the oldest recreational areas in Oregon. At an elevation of 2,225 feet, over thirty ancient geothermal springs, rich with minerals and temperatures ranging from 68 to 198 degrees Fahrenheit, bubble up from pools near the edge of the Breitenbush River, a tributary of the North Santiam. For hundreds of years, Kalapuya, Wasco, and Molalla people used the springs for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Read the rest here (The link below is for the picture above): https://oregonencyclopedia.org/articles/breitenbush_hot_springs/#.XNuBOI5KiUk Click here for Tigard TW Wes Station. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Tigard+TC+WES+Station/@45.4300972,-122.7706288,166m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x54950d20b1411515:0xc03f443d497fc3fb!8m2!3d45.430086!4d-122.7696767 This is close to Tigardville station and Blush Bridal Consulation Group. See the rows of parked cars.

Tryon creek state nature area trail

1250 NE 99th Ave

Lets have some fun and do one of the trails at this nature area. I have not been here before but have heard good things about it. once we get there we will choose one of the trails. This event will depend on decent weather a light mist fine, steady drizzle will not be. We will need some people willing to drive. I will give the group plenty of notice if it is bad out. Please if you cancel a lot at the last minute then do not sign up. I need an honest feel for how many people will show up. If we want we can get something to eat afterwards. I will be wearing a camera at the car pool meetup spot at Gateway transit. We will meet in front of garage at the southwest corner as normal. I have no idea how long this event will be but best guess a good portion of the day. My tex[masked]. We will wait 10 minutes unless texted.


The Fields Park

I want to share some tidbits to make this, hopefully, a fun ride for you. Number one responsibility you should have to yourself is your safety. Oh, and having a fun time. However, please note, I take no responsibility for either of these with you. Although the items I suggest are optional, having these may prove to enhance your safety and possibly your overall enjoyment. If you are going to acquire any of these items, the acquisition cost(s) are on you. 1) My recommendation is to wear a helmet. 2) Have a rear red light that blinks. If you think you might be hanging out into the evening I’m also suggesting you have a white light on your front handlebars. 3) A U bolt a.k.a. kryptonite type lock. One year part of the ride stopped at a brewery. No lock, no beer. 4) Extra inner tubes in case of a flat. My suggestion is to get at least one. The side of your tire will have the size info (as well as the inflation psi-make sure your tires are properly inflated, this will go a long way in helping to prevent flats), but if you’re not sure, take your tire in or your whole bike to a bike store. I carry a pump. 5) Weather and clothing. If it’s cloudy, cool, and up to a light mist/light drizzle kind of rain, I will be there. Heavy, torrential type rain, I’m already gone. 6) Bring water to drink. Bring cash if you're going to buy Pedalpalooza merch. Quicker & easier. 7) The end point of the ride may or may not have a bathroom or port-a-potty. All that water has to go somewhere…… Many of these rides are not loops, meaning we will not end up where we started. You decide for you when you want the ride to end. Just note, wherever you are when you make this decision, you will have to ride a distance to get to your car or public transportation spot or home or your local gin mill. To give you some ideas on getting to the ride, I’m going to take the Max from Gresham. I’ve driven in the past to the begin point knowing that at the end of the ride I will have to ride back to my car (remember where you park!). I’ve also parked my car at what I felt (total guess) would be a halfway point from the end point to my car. Here’s the link for the Kick-Off ride. Check it out. https://www.shift2bikes.org/calendar/event-11903. I haven’t checked, but in previous years you can post a question to the ride organizer. Like if this ride is not a loop where will it end. While you’re there, check out some of the other rides coming up in June, which is like the coolest month evah! To give you a feel for the Kick-Off ride, check out this vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayT2lQXd6s8 If I think of anything else I'll post it in the comments section.

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