4irStrategy for Kiwis: Cities and Towns between Auckland and Taupo.

4irHamilton Social Meetup
4irHamilton Social Meetup
Public group

The Helm

22 Ulster Street · Hamilton

How to find us

In Garden Bar/inside bar with 4irNZ sign on table

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In the Future 4.I.R. will become a Global Term - 4irStrategy for Kiwis.

This event is for members of '4irAuckland Initiative' and '4irHamilton Social' and concerns inspiring and finding initiative-takers, e.g. community builders, entrepreneurs (social and/or tech) etc for growing their own 4irCity/Town communities.

Any person and/or team which chooses to build a group/community will be solely responsible for doing so.
The Organizers of their group/community are free to independently organize and operate however and whichever way they choose.

'4irAuckland Initiative' and '4irHamilton Social' are only acting to inspire people to develop groups or communities using the '4irCity/Town' concept. This concept is free to inspire use by Kiwis for New Zealand throughout New Zealand.

Have fun, educate, whatever you choose to do is up to you. Make your mark positive, and make it your way.

That said, event attendees can also ...

Expect discussion about anything you like, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 4ir technologies.

Nice garden bar setting. The Helm.

This meetup can run into 2 hours long.

If you desire some more information...

Do Google Search or YouTube Search for 'world economic forum fourth industrial revolution' to understand LARGENESS of Global Intentions and efforts.

Go to '4irHamilton Social' Link, click. Locate topic tags at bottom of page, click 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' tag, absorb. Click other topic tags, absorb.

Do Google Search or YouTube Search for 'Sustainable Development Goals'

Please only attend this event if you would like to build a community.

I always go for $5 Gourmet Pizzas at 3.00pm with some locals.

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