What we're about

This group is intended for couples who are newcomers to the world of bdsm, those who are simply curious about bdsm and for those wishing to broaden their skills and interests. 50shadesSD.org hosts monthly play parties and holds workshops at a commercial bdsm facility (aka a "dungeon") near Sorrento Valley.

You are welcome to watch, observe and learn or you may decide to play with your special someone or perhaps practice a new skill with a patient volunteer. Play stations are staffed by experienced Doms, Dominas and submissives/bottoms to help demonstrate techniques, answer questions or leave you alone to explore as you wish. If you have been curious about bdsm -- and who isn't these days thanks to the 50 Shades phenomenon? -- 50 Shades SD will help open the door for you to explore. Follow your heart and see how play between loving couples can enhance not only your sex life but your life overall by adding a new, romantic adventure into your world.

We are tapping in on the kinder, gentler side of BDSM. Yes, there's still flogging and paddling for those who desire to receive it or those interested in feeling the sensation of strips of heavy leather striking their posterior. But we are very, very different than members of BDSM groups who tend to be into much more intense types of play. 50shadesSD.org isn't for the Dom who wants to master single-tale whips, for example. Rather, 50shadesSD.org is for those who wish to explore and potentially explore in the more basic aspects of BDSM play; those aspects many of us have fantasized about for many years. We can help make your fantasy a reality.

In many ways this type of play is like serial sex, or serial lovemaking: One person gives up power and control and receives intense pleasure -- often through that fine line between pain and pleasure -- and is powerless to reciprocate. Giving up that power and knowing you are in a position strictly to receive pleasure is a most enlightening experience. After an exhaustingly pleasurable experience the person on the bottom may wish to switch roles and be the top to the person who just topped them. Pain and pleasure.

50shadesSD provides a venue for safe, sane, consensual and sensual play. We are not a club in the traditional sense. We respect our members' privacy and as such we do not hold networking or social events. Anonymity is critical to many persons having an interest in BDSM play. To protect anonymity we are technically a private club to the extent that events may be attended only by members and their guests. But we won't be planning any morning hikes as a bonding experience for members! No one will know your real name unless you want them to (excluding membership requirements).

Stay tuned. Write. Share ideas and interests. We want to create an environment to help introduce newcomers to the world of BDSM play and provide an environment to explore the diverse range of activities. We're new. Please have patience. Or if you're impatient please write and I'll make this happen even faster!

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