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I’m Grace G., Organizer of 50plus Mod to Easy Hikes, Bikes and Social Events. This Meetup group is geared to middle-aged and senior folks. Joanne G is Co-Organizer

Hikes in general, are geared to those who are already hikers but have slowed down over the years. Maybe you had a knee replacement or now huff and puff up steady elevation gains. We take breaks and look at nature. I feel people should know the basics of where they're walking & hiking each season... seeing the change, identifying the plants and animals, becoming familiar with their surroundings. Hikes will range, in general, from approximately 2 to 6 miles. Each hike will have a description of hiking level, length, elevation gain, terrain and any extra social component, such as lunch afterward.

Biking on The Loop. If you like to bike, feel free to contact Joanne for your favorite ride.
The Loop will be done 1 section at a time of the 131 miles of bike/pedestrian paths in Tucson. There may be links to Sabino Canyon, Marana, Oro Valley, and South Tucson in Pima County. These bike events are a fairly new component of this group and these bike rides have been great fun.

Some of the social events are perfect opportunities for walkers and hikers. We may occasionally go to Tucson Botanical Gardens or the Desert Museum. Or, after a hike on one of the local desert trails, simply enjoy a social lunch together.


Please make sure your profile picture is a recognizable picture of you, rather than a pet or nature scene. Please use your real first name and the initial of your last name. These are necessary so Hosts and Organizers can easily identify you to take attendance or help you with any online issues, such as RSVPs.



*Sign up for an event only if you truly intend to go.

*Please do not sign up as a social place holder, with the intention of dropping out last minute if/when something better comes along. If you do this too often, you may be removed from the group after a friendly warning.

*If you decide not to go, change your RSVP to “Not Going”. This insures that wait-listed members can see the email of their status change and make a plan for themselves.

*If you change your RSVP to "Not Going" close to the time of the event, please contact the host or post a Comment. We understand life happens, people get sick, etc.

*NO-SHOWS 1) If you do not show up 2) do not change your RSVP or 3) do not message the host in a timely manner, you will be marked as a No-Show.

*Three (3) No-Shows with -no communication from you- (the important part) will result in removal from the group.

*No obvious rudeness or purposeful unkindness. No personal attacks. No bullying. You will be removed from the group for these acts.

*Let's also avoid controversial topics since one goal is to take a break from the bad news world. Pleasant conversation allows hikers to freely immerse themselves in nature, so keep conversation polite.

*Goals: Connect with other nice folks - make friends. Give yourself a gift by connecting to nature for a few hours with friendly folk.

Owners pay almost $200/year to provide these events for you.

If you use Chrome, see the green Chip-In button on the Home Page.

If you use Firefox, send a contribution with the below link. https://secure.meetup.com/50plusModerateHikers/contribute/


Be aware of your own skill level. Do not choose a hike that is too hard for you.

Dehydration can be fast and serious. Bring 2 bottles of water. When 1 is gone, you may have to turn back or get water from someone else. Bring a snack, poles (for help with rocky areas and balance), a hat, sunglasses and *sunscreen*. Consider wearing long sleeves for sun protection. And remember, this is a peer group, no one has emergency training or carries emergency supplies.

!!! Volunteer Hosts are needed to provide a variety of hikes, bikes, walks and social gatherings. There can then be activities offered during the week, as well as weekends, all over town! Contact Grace if interested. We can help you post a Meetup Event. It's easy to do… and a fun way to meet people! https://secure.meetup.com/messages/?new_convo=true&member_id=214837953&name=Grace

I hope to see you all in our wondrous desert for many hikes, bikes and social events. Welcome!

Upcoming events (2)

Loop the Loop Bicycle Series, Ride 2 Pantano Wash

Brandi Fenton Memorial Park

This next part of our tour of the loop trail will be a the same starting point, Brandi Fenton Park. Lets meet at the same spot at the equestrian ramada on the southwest side of the park. We will ride east this time to Michel Perry Park. It is approximately 20 miles round trip with a speed of 10-12 miles per hour. We will frequently regroup along the way. Make sure to bring lots of water, Gatorade or something like it and a snack that won't melt. We'll take a break at the park, eat our hopefully not melted snack and head back along the same path. The part of the path between Craycroft and Tanque Verde is the newest part and the last connection that completed the loop. Please adhere to all loop trail rules and guidelines and be considerate of other trail users. I look forward to seeing everybody!

Loop the Loop Bicycle Series, Ride 3, Canada Del Oro

Sports Park Tucson

Lets explore the north part of town this time. We will ride from Mike Jacob Sports Park along the Christina Taylor Greene and Canada Del Oro trail and turn around behind the Oro Valley Marketplace. On the way back we will stop at Steam Pump Ranch and explore the site and the second Saturday Farmers Market. This route is approximately 20 miles with a speed of 10-12 miles per hour with frequent regrouping. Great views of the west and north sides of the Catalinas. Bring lots of water and Gatorade! And as always please follow the loop trail rules and be considerate of other loop trail users. See you then!

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Sunset walk in Sabino

Sabino Canyon Visitor Center and Bookstore

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