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This group is for anyone who feels that everyday seems like Groundhog Day. It is for anyone who needs and wants more out of life, is questioning who they are, or is maybe just looking for a change. I personally felt this way and researched ways to change this feeling. I found a book on Amazon called The 52 Weeks by Karen Amster-Young and Pam Godwin. This book was written by two friends living in New York City who wanted to “get going again”; They hit upon exactly what I was feeling. Out of all the books I read it was this book that was the most unique and inspiring. I immediately related to how Karen and Pam described feeling stuck like many of us do. All of the other books I found were just filled with motivational words or as I call them, “cheerleader” books! What separates this one from the others is that it is practical and provides the reader with a simple blueprint- - a roadmap to guide you through the process and create a list of 52 things you have never done before. It also helps you put the plan in place and move forward. The 52 Weeks explains how to get going and actually check off items from your list one by one as you complete or try them. Your 52 is designed to be whatever you want it to be. The list can include things that are as easy as trying a new food or as daring as skydiving. The plan for this group is to meet once a month, get inspired, discuss ideas, and motivate one another to follow through and be accountable for our lists. This group can lead to new friendships, new opportunities, and open doors you thought were forever locked. Hopefully, this group will even inspire some of us to try our 52 activities together. This group is open to men and women of all ages. If you want to understand more about the 52 approach before the group meets, buy the book or check out their website After my research and once I got started, I reached out to the authors of The 52 Weeks to tell them about my 52 list and how much their book helped me. I am so happy to say I am now working with them to collaborate on this first meet up and hopefully we will inspire and help people across the country. I hope to have some book copies and helpful tools for the first meeting! Stay tuned for more details on this. I started working on my 52 list in January of 2018. I am currently on number 18. To see my projects so far, go to my Instagram page @kimdietz_52weeksofnew or find me on Facebook Kim Ertel Dietz. I hope it will inspire you. I can’t wait to meet you and discover an entire new world of experiences with you!

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