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Small Business Appreciation Day!


BNI 5280 Advanced Connections is one of the most dynamic networking groups you will find in the Denver Metro area.

Located @ Miller's Grille, 103 S. Public Road, Lafayette, CO

Guest Speakers: Each week we feature 2 local businesses who present an in-depth look at their business and how we can support them and help them grow.

With members from all different professions, we gain insight on how different industries function, how it impacts us and how we can grow our own businesses as we help others grow theirs!

Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy professional in the following categories? Would any of these people be able to help your business grow? (The answer, whether you know it or not, is YES!)

Personal Finance Advisor
Health, Long-term Care & Life Insurance
Graphic/Web Designer
Auto/Property Insurance
Mortgage Broker
Residential Real Estate Specialist
Lawn Care Specialist
Nutritionist/Digestive Enzyme Specialist
Legal/Identity Theft Protection Rep
Mary Kay Skin Care and Color Consultant
Travel Agent for Personal or Corporate
Organic Foods and Products
Personal Results Coach
Blinds and Flooring Consultant
Catering, Restaurant Consulting and damn fine BBQ master
Roofing and Insulation
Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine
Marriage Coach
Trauma Counselor & Psychotherapy

Come visit and see how we actively support one another and grow our businesses.

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