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We bike city trails on the Salado Creek Greenway, Leon Creek Greenway, Mission Reach on San Antonio River, etc. All trails are paved and about 8 ft wide. Any type of bike can do these trails. Afterwards we may meet near trail head for food or beverage. The rides are 17-20 miles round trip and we usually average about 10 or 11 miles per hour not including rest stops. Any age is welcome, just know that most of us are 55+.....so in general we are not speed demons!!

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Leon Creek Greenway Bike Ride

Leon Creek Greenway Trail Head at 1604 and IH-10 behind the Drury Inn

This trail runs along the Leon Creek. Any kind of bike can do this paved trail. There is a little less shade on this ride than the Salado Creek ride but it has some shady sections. My rides are about 16-20 miles round trip, moderate pace, about 10 mph, time about 2 hours with stops. We will depart no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled time. Don't forget helmet, water, sunblock, sunglasses (suggestion only) If anyone wants, we can have a coffee, tea, water, snack or meal afterwards. There's an Applebee's within 50 yards, we wouldn't even have to move our cars. Please cancel your rsvp if you don't go for any reason. Please chip in a contribution to help cover the Meetup fees. I suggest $5 per year. Meetup charges me $90 per 6 months. I've had this group going for several years. Daryl[masked]

Loop 1604 Trailhead on the Salado Creek Greenway

3010 N Loop 1604 E

***UPDATE: We will meet at the new 1604 Trailhead. I don’t have an exact address, but there is an office building very close by at 3010 North Loop 1604. Driving east on the 1604 frontage road toward that address, you will arrive at the trailhead just before the office building at the address. Please chip in to help pay Meetup fee of $90 every 6 months. You can pay on your computer by credit card or at one of the events. Recommended amount is $5 per year. Frank Fitzpatrick is authorized to accept cash payment along with myself Daryl Hardman My phone[masked]

Ride Salado Creek Greenway Jack White Park to Southside Lions Park

Jack White Park Trailhead

This is the favorite trail of many bikers, it's very shady, which is nice during summer months. We ride by the KOA campground with lots of big pecan trees, alongside Willow Springs golf course and the AT&T Center, through Martin Luther King park, Pletz Park, and through Comanche park, finally arriving at the very pretty Southside Lions Park where there is a nice lake and lots of people fishing. All of our rides are 15-20 miles round trip. We go about 10 mph and we stop about every 4-5 miles for a little break. Any age is welcome. We will be on paved trails about 8 feet wide. Any type of bike is ok. Please change your RSVP to "NO" if you decide not to go.......that way someone will not find themselves ALONE because everyone else decided not to go!! Please be sure your bike is in good repair and please use a helmet. Be prepared with water and sunblock if needed. Optional food or a beverage afterwards. I drive a white Audi Q7 (crossover or SUV) and usually wear a bright orange biking shirt. Please "chip in" a contribution to help pay the Meetup fees. I suggest $5 once a year. I pay Meetup $90 per 6 months to keep this group going and have done so for several years. Daryl[masked]

Ride Salado Creek Greenway from Mc Allister Park Dog park to 1604

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Plan is to bike from: Mc Allister Park dog park parking lot (Follow signs to Salado Creek Greenway from Wurzbach Parkway entrance into McAllister park). To Hardberger park then to Huebner and on to 1604 on the newly built path. We'll stop for a water break and there are restrooms at Hardberger Park We will be on paved trails about 8 feet wide. Be prepared with water and sunblock if needed. Any age is welcome. I drive a white Audi Q7 (crossover or SUV) and usually wear a bright orange biking shirt. Please "chip in" to help with Meetup fee of $90 every 6 months. I suggest $5 once a year. Optional meal or drink afterward at: Momaks. http://www.momaks.com 13838 Jones Maltsberger San Antonio, TX[masked] Daryl[masked]

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