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Hello ladies! Have you suffered silently with one or more "hidden illness" (Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, CFS/ME, Lupus, MS, diabetes, depressions, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, Celiac Disease, &/or others...) that your family or friends just "don't get"? Have you been looking for folks who will understand what you've been going through? Would you like a group of girlfriends who will accept your limitations without judgement, support you, & have a whole lot of FUN with you throughout it all? Then this is the Meet-up for you! I'm hoping to enjoy movies, game playing, Bunco, pot-lucks, coffee/beverage/nosh/chats, painting pre-made clay pieces, live music, holiday gatherings & outings, as well as just plain "hanging out" with you all. I'd like to plan outings to shows/comedy events in downtown Denver, Boulder, Longmont, & Westminster as we are able. And finally, I welcome your suggestions for events that will create happy memories (& maybe some where we can get a little goofy, too)! ;) What would you like to do, that you haven't been able to, because you haven't had anyone patient or kind enough to go with you or take you? Well, let's change that, shall we? I have experience with hidden illnesses & plan to create a tight-knit group of groovy, fantastic, supportive, wonderful, stress free, laid back, and OUTSTANDING friends! No worry about dressing to impress. Let's just get comfortable & have a lot of fun!!! :D

Also, I am now looking for someone to be a co-organizer or even to take over the group by September, 2016 or soon after. That is when the $90 organizer fees are due, & I've developed severe heart problems that I need to address, now. But I would like to keep this wonderful group of ladies going! It's been a lot of fun! :D

Finally, just a few very simple rules for our group, since we have members who have severe allergies (me), & asthma so bad that certain things can put them in the hospital...maybe to the point of anaphylaxis. And I cannot be held legally liable for making anyone's health worse.

1) No smokers are allowed in this Meet-up. If you have a smoker in your household, you are also not allowed in this Meet-up, because you will smell like smoke.

2) If you smoke cannabis, you are not allowed in this Meet-up. If you use any kind of foods, candies, patches, or anything containing cannabis, you are not allowed in this Meet-up.

Thank you for understanding, everybody! We need to respect everyone's hidden illnesses, including the ones mentioned above. Now let's get together & have some fun! :D

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“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”

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