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LIVE Stargate Meditations:

The Stargate, a conscious geometric structure, is a leading-edge spiritual device that opens a portal to experiencing higher dimensions.

Through empowering short, guided meditations and intention, we activate the Stargate, which vibrates faster and faster, as it moves up through inter-dimensional ranges, increasing the energy in the room. Once we reach the 12th dimension we invite higher-dimensional beneficent beings to join us.

Etheric energies of a Stargate and benevolent beings help to activate our dormant DNA —which reawakens our consciousness, intuition and awareness. The Stargate is about reawakening on all levels.

There is “Nothing to do” other than to relax into the Stargate field, as we begin to remember who we are.

After each meditation we break for comments, etc. Each experience and evening is different. All sessions include lovely music, some may include uplifting joyful live music, and other 5D sharing.

This is not a religious experience. People of all faiths and spiritual paths are welcome.

We invite you to step through this doorway into a multidimensional universe of experience…

If this sparks interest, please join us to experience Stargate for yourself.

Many friends share that they experience more and more bliss each time we enter the Stargate field together.

It's easy, it's blissful, it's transformative. No prior meditative experience is required.

Come join us ! Come experience the unique and wonderful energy of Stargate for yourself !

"Shima: Metaphysics & Moore" - Weekly Radio Show

Participate with Shima Moore & her special guests LIVE every MONDAY 5-7 PM PT /8PM PT… (adjust for your time zone, worldwide)

Shima opens "Metaphysics & Moore" each week with approximately 15-minute of empowering Lunar-Manifestation Updates, to align us with nature's current phase in its ongoing manifestation cycle and to highlight specific personality traits of those of us born during each week's phase.

Tune into your lunar personality phase and that of loved ones at shimamoore.com/chart (https://shimamoore.com/free-natal-astrology-charat-keyword-report/)

TO LISTEN on your computer or tablet —> GO TO: TruthCatRadio.com (http://www.truthcatradio.com/)

TO LISTEN on your PHONE or to JOIN the conversation (please MUTE yourself) No worries if you are ‘on the road’! Now you can CALL IN from anywhere714-598-3125 (toll free)

REPLAYS of SEASONS One, Two, Three & Four & personal charts to follow at shimamoore.com (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=shima+metaphysics+%26+moore)

Ancient Wisdom • • • Modern Pathways - AstroEducation, Seminars, Analysis & Counseling

“Wisdom once reserved for royalty ~ is now available to all!”

Since time immemorial kings, queens, and nobility sought out advice of trusted astrological priests -priestess’ and shaman.

Today, savvy parents, teachers, successful entrepreneurs, business executives, presidents and world leaders still seek peace of mind via this ancient wisdom . . .

Find out more at: Ancient Wisdom•Modern Pathways (https://shimamoore.com/ancient-wisdom-%E2%80%A2-modern-pathways/)

Find out more about "Shima's Child Development & Empowerment Project" (http://gofundme.com/empowerurchild)

Tune into each of your children AND/or adult INNER Child via Child Development & Family Empowerment (https://shimamoore.com/ancient-wisdom-%E2%80%A2-modern-pathways/)

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