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5Rhythms® Dance with Dean Kayum - Monday
5 Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice created by Gabrielle Roth, who has inspired thousands of people to MOVE; 'put the psyche into motion and it will heal itself'. Anyone can dance the 5 Rhythms, it just requires a beating heart and a willingness to move. What you can expect from a 2 hour class: We begin each class with a warm up, spending time moving however you want: stretching, breathing and dancing in a way that feels good for you, in the moment. Then a teacher will most probably guide you through a Wave, which is dancing the 5Rhythms in the same specific order, (flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness). There are no steps to learn and you can't get it wrong. You're invited to explore in your own way the 5 rhythms and how they want to move and be expressed through your body. The 5Rhythms Flowing Allowing our body to receive and move with continuous fluid movement, creating circles and spirals. Through our feet or moving on the floor, we connect to the earth and bring our awareness fully into the body. Staccato We let the beat move the body, creating clear, defined shapes. Staccato allows us to practice clarity, boundaries and expression. Chaos The rhythm reaches its peak as we let our bodies surrender, release and let go of the mind's hold over the body. We explore our edges to the point where time and space dissolve. Lyrical The place we land after we've danced ourselves empty from chaos. Lightening up and spreading our wings, we soar through space. We let go of letting go , and open our hearts to the moment. Stillness Dissolving from one shape into another, full breath and fully embodied - we've arrived home, complete, and moving from our still centres. What to bring: Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Water. We dance barefoot or with dance shoes only, no socks.

South Oxford Community Centre

Lake Street, Oxford, · OX1 4RP


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We meet on Mondays at :

South Oxford Community center, Lake st, Oxford, OX14RP

8-10pm. Cost. £10

This is 5Rhytms weekly drop in class to reconnect with yourself and others, to shake off the week and renew for the weekend. The class is open to beginners and experienced alike. The practice of 5Rhythms dancing, often described as moving meditation, was created in the late 1960s by Gabrielle Roth, who distinguished five rhythms common to all humans. When she combined these rhythms together in a wave as a natural progression of energy, Gabrielle discovered they can liberate the free creative spirit inside each of us, regardless of our age, size or physical ability. There are no steps to follow, no choreography to learn, no way to do it wrong. The practice of 5Rhythms dancing has spread around the world, . For more about the 5Rhythms check

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