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Ready for the next adventures in your life. The group will provide each of us opportunities to meet new friends, plan travel opportunities, attend small-medium- or more social functions together, dinners, culture, dancing, explore our Northern Virginia area and also some excursions to MD and DC special events, informal gatherings to formal events/galas//social events, etc. Let's do dinner parties, cook outs, beach trips, travels to near and far off places; but mostly, let's meet new friends and share our experiences in friendly locations with others. Ready for your next adventures?

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Let's Travel!! Carnivale In Venice Italy with Parties Feb 2020

Carnivale? Mardi Gras? Whatever you call it, plan ahead for party time in Venice Italy again (2020). Festivities start 15 February through Ash Wednesday 26 February. I belong to one of the Oldest Carnivale associations in Venice -- Amici di Carnivale di Venezia. There are private and public party events. I will list these once I receive them sometime in August and you decide which you wish to attend. Once I receive the list of parties and events, I will post each as an individual event. I will provide the necessary point(s) of contact for reserving your place to attend a party and information for individually paying for those events you want to attend. Meetings will be set up to have you come and pose questions, look at photos of past Carnivale and meet those with whom you hopefully will be traveling. In the past ten years, I have attended 7 Carnivale. I am willing to help locate apartments or other lodging that people can share and reduce expenses. The group will try to gather together and attend the parties as our American group. Please feel free to invite friends. A group went over and joined me a few years ago. I believe it was enjoyable by most. Language is not an issue as people wear masks and few can speak clearly through a mask. Of course there are masks and there are MASKS!!! Costumes? Ask me and I will help you find an inexpensive method(s) of obtaining. Who is ready to travel? I am happy to meet with a group or individuals interested in this trip. I can share prices, costumes, maps of the area, and first hand experience as I have been going since 2008 to these events, with a few absences. Look forward to learning who has a passport and ready to travel. John Curd

60+ Travel Group
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Needs a location

Okay, many people are asking about traveling places together. I receive emails frequently for last minute and advance travels. Who is interested? Who is retired and able to travel at the last minute? Who needs time to apply for time off work? Willing to handle this. Let me know your interests. Also if you anyone learns of a travel opportunity, share it with me and I will put it on the event list for all to see and share. Let's make the world our oyster bed? Also, would anyone like to host a meetup at their home and do a slide show of a trip they took? John

Interested in learning to scuba dive? (PADI)

All, Summer is not so far away. I am a certified PADI scuba instructor and have recently been teaching and certifying Boy Scouts in te area. Really good to see the excitement and then to hear the stories when they return. So I have been considering doing this for members of our group and then schedule a diving trip to Florida or the Caribbean. The purpose of this note us to ascertain an idea of how many people are interested. The program would entail: 1. Purchasing your personal copy of the training material (I can get a group discount). 2. Five (5) pool dives in water too deep to stand up. (2 Dives one day and three dives another day). (Anyone have or know someone who has a heated pool?) 3. Four (4) open water dives (local quarry or do it at the place we travel for the first ocean dives). (2 dives on two separate days). 4. A destination 5. Scuba diving equipment. (I have a dive shop who gives me discounts.) 6. A doctor form signed certifying you are physically able to dive. (If you are not able to dive, you can still go in trips and party with us.) So the next step is to RSVP yes and I will organize it. If you have a scuba certification already (whether current or not), please let me know. If you have lost your card, I can help find the info and get it replaced. If your certification is other than PADI, I can cross you over to PADI. There are some great places to dive in the world.

New Senior Citizen assistance website

Hi everyone. I came across this new service for Senior Citizens and am providing it for your information. I am not endorsing it but it does provide some needed services for Seniors. When I find something of interest, I will share it. If you also know of any service providers you would like to provide, please let Mara and I know. It is your choice. Feel free to share with your friends. I hope all of us have happy, healthy and wonderful lives in our Senior Golden Years (or is it our Silver years? ha ha). http://h2hcon.wix.com/info John Curd Organizer

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