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The group size must be limited. Restaurants, member houses and other venues have maximum capacities. Thus when we have too many members it is difficult to RSVP for an event. Until you've tried having an affordable party in Portland for more than 50 members it will be difficult to understand.

When we have space members are added who are serious about developing friends; thus committing to attending weekly or more. Those new to Meetup, new to town, fully retired and able to get to NE and SE for events seem to fit in well. You are a good fit if looking for social interaction rather than events that you want to attend. It is difficult to manage a large group and find venues for events for 20 or more. Thus we are limiting membership.

We are a Meetup designed for those who are looking to expand their circle of friends. This is an inclusive group of people over 60 who want to develop a network of friends for day and evening activities through shared experiences. Hopefully most members will post or suggest activities and lead events all over Portland.

More about our group:

We are an inclusive group of humans over 60 who enjoy meeting new people, taking part in new experiences and simply getting out to socialize more often.

We are not a 'singles' group though most members are single. If you are part of a couple and wish to join, simply sign up. However, bringing a '+1' to an event will not be allowed. Thus every person who attends our gatherings will be a member. This is important as many events take place in private spaces and we all want to know who is coming to our home.

Please join the waitlist for any event you would like to attend. It is a rare occasion that all on the waitlist are not moved up to the group. In fact, if the waitlist is long enough another event (e.g. restaurant) is added. Also the host may use the previous waitlist for their next event thus holding a spot for you. However, do not RSVP if you are not sure your calendar is free.

Posting a picture of your face on your profile is mandatory. It lets organizers watch for you at an event and helps other members to learn your name more quickly.

While we are all over 60 this is an active group. There will be events which require walking, stairs, standing to chat... Please read description of events carefully.

Dues are $15 yearly paid by the end of January. ($10 after first year). Please attend an event or two and if this is the group for you be sure to pay. Dues are most often used for room fees at restaurants or extra tips for large groups. However, if money remains in our account it will be used for a group event. Please note that your dues will be used to pay the Meetup fees, additional wait staff tips for special venues, charges for party rooms, appetizers... All monies will be spent on this group.

Dues will be paid by cash only. Simply give $15 in an envelope with your name to the Organizer of your next event.

Organizers are needed to keep events posted every week. If you have an idea for an event please contact us or volunteer to add events yourself. We are in need of organizers in NW, SW and N Portland areas. Most of our events are in the inner NE and inner SE because this is where our most active organizers reside.

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Dinner and music at Kalama Lodge

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Coffee & Conversation -New Deal Cafe

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