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A sort of Soiree. Eclectic, creative people interested in a variety of events/activities...and making friends.

Playing music together (musicians/singers), trips, dancing, DIY projects, glass, sculpture gardening, cooking meals together, board games, movies, chats, technology ...All things considered - interest & doingness is the key....Bring your ideas and talents! Bring the things you've wanted to do...the ideas. Let's put out heads together and make them happen!

Though it's not meant to be an Action/Adventure group by any means, hopefully these elements will be a part of what we do from time to time...how about Zip-lining!

This will be a traveling show....Nassau and Suffolk. Meetings : 1x month - mostly on (day/eve) Saturday and some Friday evenings to start but hopefully, as we get to know one another, more often.

Please have a photo and share something about yourself by answering the questions listed - if you'd rather 'freestyle'....all the better! :-) What's your suggestion for our 1st Meetup? As this will be relatively small group to start and dependent on mutual interest and participation, without this input, your membership will be declined. (24 - 30 people )

To make this group work, all members - men & women - will have to pitch up...together we can make a great group!

Special Note: Will try to keep the gender mix as even as possible - good for dancing :-). The intent here is not match-making. Personally, I enjoy a gender mix - it's a different dynamic. We all have a m/f side, no matter how much or how little... do you agree?

Thank you for your interest....look forward to seeing how this group gets off the ground! :-)

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FIRST MEET! Trivia Games Night - Harmony Vineyards

Harmony Vineyards

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